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Tech Firm Scheme to Plant Thousands of Trees in Scottish Borders

Ross Kelly


Scottish Borders

Tech firm CGI has revealed a new UK-wide initiative to plant one tree for every UK-based employee.

Coindicing with National Tree Week, the launch of the No Planet B initiative will see thousands of trees planted in the Scottish Borders in partnership with Forest Carbon and the Borders Forest Trust.

More than 2,500 saplings have also been made available for CGI members to plant in parks, schools, care homes and nature reserves they have nominated as part of the scheme.

The move follows a consultation by Tara McGeehan, president of CGI’s UK operations. McGeehan asked the firm’s UK workforce how they felt CGI could help support the environment and address climate change.

CGI members backed the idea to plant a tree for each of the 5,500 employees. The initiative will offset carbon emissions from the firm’s flights to-and-from the UK for 2018.

McGeehan commented: “We are proud to support National Tree Week and encourage communities across the UK to get planting trees to help the environment. Many thanks also go to Forest Carbon, as well as the Borders Forest Trust, for helping us secure the perfect site to plant our 5,500 trees for our 5,500 UK members.”

CGI’s business unit leader in Scotland, Lindsay McGranaghan, planted the first native trees and shrubs, which include Birch, Oak, Rowan and Willow, at Talla and Gameshope Estate near Tweedsmuir. The trees will form part of a programme to develop a 250-acre public access native woodland in the area.

McGranaghan said she was “extremely proud” that the Borders had been chosen as the location to plant the trees. CGI has one of its four Scottish offices in the Borders region.

She said: “CGI’s Scottish members wholeheartedly backed the planting of trees as a way to offset some of our carbon emissions and are excited to be taking part in local tree-planting initiatives in their local communities.”

Tracey Logan, chief executive of Scottish Border Council, added: “Protecting the environment is one of our core priorities at the Council and I am delighted our IT partners at CGI are undertaking this very generous gesture to contribute to our beautiful landscape in the Scottish Borders.”

Ross Kelly

Staff Writer

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