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ScotRail Announces Pilot for Mobile Ticket App

Ross Kelly



ScotRail has announced a pilot scheme for a new mobile ticketing app that could streamline rail travel across Scotland. 

ScotRail has announced the launch of a new mobile ticketing pilot scheme that will enable customers to buy, store and use tickets directly from their smartphone.

The new all-in-one solution is built into ScotRail’s existing app and allows customers to forego the customary vending machine queues by directly purchasing and downloading tickets. Through Android’s NFC functionality it will also allow commuters to ‘tap’ through ticket gates using their phone – eliminating the need for paper tickets or plastic smartcards.

Rambus has been chosen to lead the pilot scheme. The company, which has offices in North America, Asia and the UK developed the HCE Ticket Wallet Service; which enables transport operators to easily and securely transition tickets from physical form to virtual smart cards.


Over the coming months, the new mobile app will be rolled out to commuters. Single and return tickets, which account for over 60% of ScotRail ticket sales, will be the first products available to customers using the pilot app – a wider rollout to all customers is planned at a later date.

ScotRail Commercial Director, Lesley Kane, said that the pilot scheme will enable greater ease of access and is a direct response to customer needs.

Kane said: “This pilot app delivers the convenient, easy access to tickets and travel that we know our customers want. Over the coming months, customers will be able to buy and download digital tickets from a single app, anytime, anywhere.”

Kane added that the pilot scheme launch will coincide with ongoing infrastructural across Scotland that includes station upgrades and the rollout of new trains.

“With the rollout of new trains and station upgrades right across the country too, this is a really exciting time for Scotland’s railway as we continue to build the best railway this country has ever had.”

Rambus Ticketing Vice President and General Manager Russell Mccullagh said: “Delivering a modern and innovative transport experience that customers can rely on is a key driver for smart mobile ticketing.

“We’re delighted to combine our expertise developing and deploying high-volume ITSO-based ticketing systems, through our Nevis Technologies joint venture, with ScotRail’s drive to provide a truly seamless and leading-edge travel experience.”

Ross Kelly

Staff Writer

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