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Scotland’s Digital Office Launches Vendor Consultation

Brian Baglow


Scotland's Digital Office: Vendor Consultation Exercise

New exercise hopes to help Scotland’s local authorities and suppliers to find more effective ways to work together.

The Digital Office, the organisation which is helping Scotland’s local authorities to drive digital transformation, has launched a new ‘information sharing and Q&A exercise’ to help private sector suppliers and vendors understand the approach the office is taking.

The goal is to ensure that the Digital Office and local authorities can engage with suppliers in a more mutually beneficial, effective and structured way.

The Digital Office is undertaking a wide range of foundation projects including:

  • Cloud
  • Cyber Security
  • GDPR Readiness
  • Network Review
  • Better Use of Data
  • Common Platforms
  • Mobile & Flexible Working
  • Supply Chain & Procurement

Project briefs which outline the aims and objectives of all the foundation projects have been created. Suppliers working within or across all of these areas, will benefit from a greater understanding of the anticipated activities within each project. The exercise will also enable the digital office to explain the need for a more outcome-based approach to solutions using agile methods.

Martyn Wallace, Chief Digital Officer, told DIGIT: “Since we founded the Digital Office just over a year ago, my colleagues and I have been inundated with requests from suppliers across the industry to meet with them.

“Our initial focus has necessarily been on setting up the office, helping our 30 councils in the digital partnership, integrating the digital culture and methodology, defining programmes and getting the 18 key programmes up-and-running, so we have not yet engaged with the market to any great extent.

“Meeting with suppliers before we had the fundamental aspects of the office in place and projects fully scoped, would have led to meetings which wasted both our – and the suppliers – time, as we could not have necessarily identified the real value each party could offer. Now we are in a position to outline exactly what the office and our projects are aiming to achieve, we want to help the market understand our goals and streamline how we move forward.

“The Digital Office has been working very closely with Scotland Excel as the major procurement resource, since the office was established. Indeed, Gordon Muir from the Digital Office is located within the Scotland Excel office, which has helped to create a closer working bond between the Digital Office, Digital Partnership and Scotland Excel”

The first step in this new exercise will be a webinar, hosted by the Digital Office in January 2018.

Full details of the Public Interest Notice can be found on the Public Contracts Scotland website.

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