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Scottish Government Disrupting Digital Service Procurement

Brian Baglow


Scottish Government digital service procurement

The Scottish Government is creating a Dynamic Purchasing System for digital services, digital resources and cyber security services following significant growth in the demand for digital services identified in its digital strategy.

The government said there is a desire by organisations to have access to a wider range of digital technology suppliers to support agile working, mitigate the skills gap and further develop their cyber security processes.

It has issued a tender worth £10m-£20m. The tender notice points out that this is the first collaborative digital procurement service (DPS) for Digital Services, with a goal of offering a ‘straightforward, flexible and suitable route to market for all Scottish public sector organisations with a requirement for digital services across the three lots: digital projects, digital resources, cyber security services.’

The government is establishing a collaborative Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Digital Services split into a number of categories (lots) for the provision of Digital Products, Digital Resources and Cyber Security Services.

The tender also notes the DPS aims to support a number of Scottish Government strategies and in particular:

The digital resources lot is expected to provide resource skills and expertise in support of digital technology services.

The tender notes that the resources required will be ‘diverse’. Typical examples would be roles such as:

  • digital specialists
  • project & programme managers
  • agile coaches
  • user researchers
  • digital service designers
  • business analysts
  • system designers
  • solutions architects
  • data architects
  • data modellers
  • product managers
  • systems developers
  • quality assurance analysts
  • web operations engineers
  • senior software engineers
  • infrastructure engineers
  • test engineers data
  • analytics specialists
  • data scientists

The cyber security services lot will provide cyber security services and resources to support cyber resilience. The services and resources required includes cyber security specialists and services such as:

  • penetration testing
  • cyber security training and assessment
  • security architecture services
  • risk assessment and management services
  • audit review and compliance
  • incident management and response
  • security testing and digital forensics

Participants must have at least 12 months experience and provide at least two relevant case studies from the last three years

This digital projects lot will provide 3rd party supplier delivery and support for digital technology services for organisations. Typically these digital projects will have known outcomes, objectives; deliverables; milestones and identified methodologies.

The deadline for receipt of tenders or requests to participate is October 16, with an estimated dispatch date of invitations to tender or to participate to selected candidates of October 23.

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