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Railway WiFi Survey Shows Only 30% Satisfied

Dominique Adams



The UK’s railway providers have ranked poorly in the first major survey of train passenger satisfaction with WiFi access and reliability.

Recent figures released by Transport Focus in their National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS) has shown that overall satisfaction with UK railway WiFi is poor. The stats also showed that 56% of respondents rated it fairly poor to very poor,  14% felt it was neither good or bad and only 30% felt it was good.

The report  drilled down into satisfaction rate for 26 individual rail providers and an overview of National and sector-level results which included; London and South East, long-distance and regional operators. Of the 26 operators ScotRail ranked 8th for WiFi satisfaction with 42% rating it as good and 44% as poor, 13% rated it neutrally.

At the top of the list, with the highest level of satisfaction and reliability were the Heathrow Express with 71% and Grand Central with 68%. At the opposite end of the scale was Great Northern and Southeastern, which came joint bottom with 18% satisfaction.

Increasing Expectations

Mike Hewitson, Head of Policy for Transport Focus said: “passengers aged 16 to 25 rated internet connection as the most important thing for train companies to improve – even ranking it above punctuality.”

Spokesman for the Rail Delivery Group, which represents train operators and Network Rail said “We know that our customers expect to stay connected throughout their journey which is why, as part of our long-term plan to change and improve, we’re introducing 7,000 new carriages, the vast majority of which will have WiFi for better connectivity.”

Internet connectivity and reliability on trains has in recent years swiftly shifted from an on-board treat to a journey essential. For any business person traveling dependable WiFi has become a necessity for work. Not only does good on-board WiFi improve productivity and support business, it is something many travelers have come to expect.

About the Survey

The NRPS, the largest published survey of rail passenger satisfaction, provides a network-wide snapshot of railway customer journey satisfaction. Data for the survey is collected twice a year from a representative sample of passenger journeys from more than 50,000 passengers per year. Along with WiFi the survey covers 30 specific aspects of railway service such a how well companies deal with train delays, to the availability of plug sockets.

Check Your Service

GoEuro offers an interactive table which allows you to find out if your local train company offers WiFi  – and whether it’s free to use or paid.

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