PureLiFi Showcases Tech to Chinese President

PureLiFi Chinese President

PureLiFi has been gaining international attention this week at the CIIE expo in Shanghai, where it presented its wireless technology to the Chinese President. 

A pioneering Scottish technology company has presented its groundbreaking wireless networking tech to Chinese Premier Xi Jinping.

PureLiFi, an Edinburgh-based company that uses light to enable next-generation wireless communication, presented its tech to the President at China’s International Import Expo (CIIE), held in Shanghai.

Showcasing Innovation

The presentation took place as part of a UK innovation-themed pavilion, with the Duke of York and International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox MP in attendance. LiFi was presented to President Xi Jinping as a symbol of British innovation.

PureLiFi Chinese President

LiFi helps to create more secure, energy efficient and faster connections that can provide up to 1,000 times more bandwidth than conventional WiFi.

This was the first time that the President had been presented with LiFi, the company said. Inspecting a LiFi bulb – which is the first of its kids and created by PureLiFi – Xi Jinping spoke with representatives of the company and UK Government officials.

PureLiFi CEO Alistair Banham said: “We are excited by the opportunity for our technology to be presented for the first time to the president as an exemplar of British innovation.”

Banham added that LiFi has the potential to revolutionise wireless communications. China has the highest portion of internet users in the world, Banham noted, which could present valuable opportunities for the Edinburgh-based firm.

“LiFi is a disruptive connectivity platform that will revolutionise wireless communications for 5G and beyond,” he explained. “China has the highest number of internet users in the world, and LiFi could make a significant impact on China’s wireless infrastructure, providing highspeed, efficient data with unprecedented bandwidth.”

Bilateral trade in goods and services between the UK and China reached record levels in 2017, with over £67 billion generated.

The CIIE provides a unique platform both for Chinese businesses and investors to connect with UK-based companies; helping to strengthen and nurture closer, long-term relationships between British and Chinese industry.

The company said it believes LiFi is the “kind of UK innovation that could revolutionise communications for China and beyond.”

Revolutionary Technology

As wireless communications increasingly gear toward 5G networks, there are greater requirements for non-cellular data comms. LiFi, the company said, offers “unprecedented bandwidth” for high-speed and secure wireless communications.

The firm recently secured a deal with Kyle Academy in Ayrshire, which saw PureLiFi’s technology deployed in the school. Students noticed a marked change in the reliability and speed of their internet connection after the deployment, the company said.

Global adoption of LiFi is also on the rise. pureLiFi has deployed its technology with more than 100 organisations in 23 countries in sectors including telecommunications, engineering, disaster response and defence.

The company has developed trials with global organisations such as O2 Telefonica, BT, Cisco, and Verizon.

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