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CC2i Launches Kickstarter for Public Sector

Chloe Henderson


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CC2i is easiest to describe as a Public Sector ‘Kickstarter’: A corporate co-funding platform for public sector to better collaborate on shared challenges in the face of shrinking budgets & increasing demand. 

In the private sector, crowdfunding helps SMEs get innovations off the ground, find an audience and launch products. Larger commercial organisations use it to support design and production processes, market new products, as well as providing an additional source of finance.  CC2i believes it’s now time for the public sector to build on the success of crowdfunding – or ‘corporate co-funding’ – and many across the public sector agree.

The team behind CC2i has been working in collaborative public sector technology for over 15 years. It has developed the new online platform to open the model up so that it’s simpler and faster for local authorities, social housing and health organisations to work together to co-fund the development of digital products to solve shared public sector challenges. The premise is to make better use of budgets, ensure end products better reflect public sector needs and to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) break into a market which is heavily dominated by established ‘big providers’.

Research shows that collaboration and co-funding are all possible under the public sector procurement frameworks, but currently no public or private organisation has the motivation, remit or resources to make it happen.

CC2i’s new collaborative approach can be initiated in a number of ways:

  • by SMEs who have relevant products and services and want to engage the public sector as part of the design and development process
  • by public sector service commissioners who have an idea or an approach to a challenge and want to partner with others to it move forward
  • by in-house digital teams who have innovations they want to create, share or develop further

Current pitches on CC2i cover areas from:

  • GDPR and helping test consent management
  • innovative and adaptable cyber security software
  • improving commercialisation and business practices within local authorities
  • cyber awareness training for staff

Having launched in September 2016, CC2i has already had multiple pitches submitted and a number of projects funded and underway. As the focus on the use of technology in the public sector continues, CC2i is providing a new, technically sophisticated way for organisations to collaborate and realise projects which may otherwise not happen.

Chloe Henderson

Staff Writer - DIGIT

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