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Skyscanner Co-founder Gareth Williams Pledges Support for Pawprint

Ross Kelly



Pawprint has far exceeded its crowdfund target with two weeks still remaining.

Skyscanner co-founder Gareth Williams is among a number of high-profile investors in Edinburgh-based eco tech startup, Pawprint.

Alongside Williams, investors in the firm’s latest crowdfunding campaign include Tim Doubleday, Chair of Climate Action Leadership at Business in the Community and Darina Garland, co-founder and CXO of Ooni.

The announcement follows fresh news on Pawprint’s latest crowdfund campaign. So far, the company has smashed its current target, raising over £700k from more than 420 investors.

Hosted on Crowdcube, the business originally sought to raise £400k. The Pawprint crowdfund remains open for investments.

Investments in Pawprint range from £10 to £100k and have been made from a wide range of investors keen to play a part in building an impactful global business.

Gareth Williams, co-founder and former Skyscanner CEO, commented : “I hope for this investment to also be in our planet. A great team and now both a consumer and a business product. Pawprint could make a global positive difference.”

Garland added: “I invested in Pawprint because I’m inspired by how they’re engaging people everywhere to tackle sustainability issues in realistic, actionable ways.”

“It’s critical that business leaders win the hearts and minds of their colleagues – and quickly, given we’re facing a climate emergency.”


Pawprint brings together technology, behavioural science and carbon data in a singular platform and enables users to measure, understand and reduce their carbon footprints – their own ‘pawprints’.

In November, Pawprint revealed that Standard Life Aberdeen joined BrewDog in using Pawprint for Business to engage their employees on sustainability.

The app provides a carbon calculator which drills down into a user’s lifestyle habits as well as their home and travel activities and then provides personalised challenges to cut aspects of our everyday carbon footprint.

Christian Arno, Pawprint founder and CEO, said: “This is our second crowdfund this year and we are blown away by the support we have received, especially given what a challenging year 2020 has been for everyone.

“Not only have we raised over £700K so far but we have hundreds of investors from all walks of life willing to back our mission.”

Ross Kelly

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