OGTC: Digital Supply Chain Event

Digital Supply Chain Event

How can digital technology be used to transform oil and gas supply chain models used in the North Sea? A new event from the OGTC plans to find out.

According to the OGTC, the UK’s oil and gas sector lags behind many other industries when it comes to the innovative use of digital technologies within the supply chain

To address this, the centre is holding a Digital Supply Chain event to explore ways in which the models currently used in the North Sea can evolve and transform to provide greater efficiency.

The event will welcome an audience from across the oil and gas sector as well as noted academics and representatives from industries where the digital supply chain is already an established reality.

The goal of the event is to begin defining a vision and technology roadmap which will enable the industry to transition to a fully digitally enabled model, as well as the underlying technologies required.

Speakers at the event include:

  • Sarah Forbes (Director of Projects and Innovation, Peterson) Sarah will provide insight into other industries, highlighting what improvements can be made and how data insights can help to drive change
  • Paul de Leeuw (Professor and Director of the Oil and Gas Institute, Robert Gordon University) Paul will be presenting on the segmentation of the supply chain, from basic supplies to complex machinery and everything in between
  • John Calder (Partner, Supply Chain & Procurement, Baringa Partners) John brings an overview of different supply chain models used in large organisations across multiple industries including the automotive and telecommunications sectors

Sarah Forbes, the Director of Projects and Innovation at Peterson, who is one of the key speakers at the event, told DIGIT: “As we continue to ride this wave of unprecedented change affecting our industry, the realisation that supply chain organisations must work collectively to operate successfully in the lower recovery cost world is sinking in.

Pre-2014 business models which thrived on bloated inventory footprints, inefficient rental management and over-provisioning of services have no place in the oil and gas industry of the future, and to that end they must innovate across the supply chain and make the shift towards cross-organisation business process triggering to drive out waste.

“Organisations still battling with internal digitisation are already behind the curve, with predictive analytics enabling operators to make better decisions, the supply chain must be prepared to digitally react.”

Panelists confirmed include:

The two day event takes place at the OGTC headquarters in Aberdeen on February 20th & 21st. It will offer a combination of guest speakers and workshops, as well as panel and Q&A sessions. The event is free to attend, but space is limited. Registration is open now.

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