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Oil & Gas Technology Centre Launches New £2M Fund

Brian Baglow


OGTC £2M Fund

The Oil & Gas Technology Centre’s latest call for ideas focuses on digital transformation and decommissioning, with £2 million pounds worth of funding available.

Aberdeen’s Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) has issued a new call for ideas, looking for companies which can help to address two key issues facing the energy sector and ‘unlock the full potential of the North sea.’

There’s up to £1 million pounds available for investment across each issue.

The Digital Transformation challenge is looking for digital analytics approaches, such as machine learning, that can rapidly organise, distil, screen and assess data from oil and gas wells. These can often be held in different formats and be of variable quality. The hope is that analysing the data could lead to new discoveries, help extend the overall life of oilfields and maximise economic recovery.

The deadline for submissions to the Digital Transformation call is 22:00 on January 26 2018.

The Decommissioning challenge is looking for ways to maintain original power generation and utilities, otherwise known as ‘life support systems’ during the decommissioning of oilfield assets, as this is currently inefficient and costly. The OGTC is looking for integrated, modular, environmentally friendly and cost-effective life support solutions, that create flexibility in how and when facilities are decommissioned.

The deadline for submissions to the Decommissioning call is 22:00 on February 16 2018.

Full technical details of each call, as well as an overview of the process itself is available on the OGTC website. The centre is encouraging submissions from all industries and can provide additional briefing and background for those not familiar with the oil and gas sector. To access this briefing e-mail:

Submissions for each call will be evaluated against a range of criteria including value creation, sound scientific principles, time, cost and risk reduction. Successful applicants will receive professional guidance, funding, and support to develop their ideas towards the next stage of development.

Steve Roberts, the centre advisor for the Digital Transformation Solution, said: “We believe that sophisticated analytics techniques, such as machine learning, could help identify remaining oil and gas accumulations and consequently impact the extent of life of nearby fields and maximise economic recovery in an area.

“There are significant volumes of industry data collected during oil and gas exploration and production, but they are often held in different formats and are of variable age and quality. A digital solution could extract key information from these difficult to analyse data sets and the results could be a key input to end of field life and area plan decisions.

“We are working closely with, and are supported by, the Oil and Gas Authority, Common Data Access and Norwegian Petroleum Directorate to make suitable data sets available for ideas to be tested.”

Susi Wiseman, the project manager for the Decommissioning Solution, said: “Companies in the oil and gas industry have identified recurring difficulties with life support systems in recent and current decommissioning programmes resulting in low flexibility, lost time, cost overruns and inconvenience to offshore teams.

Alternative life support systems could help to significantly reduce the cost of decommissioning, and improve efficiency and productivity.”

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