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NHS Trust Deploys Current’s AI-Enabled Patient Monitor

Ross Kelly


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Since the deployment of Current’s wearable tech, staff have reduced the number of home visits by 22%.  


Patients at the Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust Hospital in Kent will be monitored by AI-enabled wearable devices – developed by an Edinburgh-based tech firm, Current (formerly Snap40).  

Current’s wearable devices remotely monitor patients once they are discharged from hospital, using real-time data to provide clinicians with detailed health insights.  

Patient’s wear the device on the upper arm, from which it collects valuable data to provide a detailed picture of a person’s health. Artificial intelligence (AI) also plays a crucial role in the process; analysing patient data and providing additional detailed information on a person’s health and vital signs.

For patients that can be managed at home, staff provide two Current wearables – a Homehub and charger. Through plugging in the Homehub, staff can then efficiently monitor people.

In early January, Current and the NHS trust signed an agreement, which initially aimed to focus on patients with respiratory disease. However, the tech was soon deployed to a broader range of patients.

The NHS trust said it selected Current to help reduce the number of readmissions and reduce emergency department visits.

Since the deployment of Current’s tech, staff have reduced the number of home visits by 22%.  

Neil Perry, Dartford and Gravesham CIO, commented: “The value of Current was demonstrated in our very first patient – a chronically unwell patient who suffered a decline in oxygen saturation, which Current detected sooner than standard care would have caught it, letting us intervene earlier and in the patient’s home.

“With Current, we’ve seen the ability to deliver intervention at a far earlier point and prevent hospital readmission.”

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In July last year, the company closed an $8 million (£6.1 million) seed funding round, led by ADV with participation from MMC Ventures. This brought the firm’s total funding to more than $10 million (£7.6 million).

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