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Major Tech Contract Awarded by NHS Scotland

Andrew Hamilton



Decision support systems allow clinicians to access a pool of medical findings and research, aiding diagnosis.

NHS Scotland has awarded Swedish firm Cambio Healthcare Systems the contract to supply a new national clinical decision support system (CDS).

It is hoped that the new CDS solution will assist the workflow of clinicians in real time, allowing them to reference the latest evidence and treatment resources available.

According to Cambio, their CDS application is built for ‘open standards’ (allowing a free flow of data), and can be embedded into any electronic health record system. The solution is already well established in Sweden, embedded into eight Swedish Healthcare Regions and covering 30 percent of the country’s population.

The first phase of the project’s deployment in Scotland will be sponsored by the Scottish Government Primary Care Division, and will be delivered initially to ‘early adopter’ general practices. If these trials are successful, the longer-term aim is to deploy the application as Scotland’s national healthcare decision platform.

An assessment of the CDS system, applied to stroke prevention, demonstrated that Cambio’s decision support system could save lives and avoid unnecessary suffering in strokes by more-accurately measuring irregular heart rhythms.

Peter Gille, Group CEO of Cambio Healthcare Systems, said: “For Cambio, this opportunity opens up the possibility to address a wider international audience with our EHR independent CDS solution.”

Andrew Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton

PR & Content Executive at Hutchinson Networks

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