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NHS Lothian to Receive Support from New Digital Platform

Michael Behr


NHS Lothian

Pogo Studios has created a platform to provide information to Covid sufferers as they transition from hospital to home.

Edinburgh-based startup Pogo Studio will provide a new outpatient support platform to NHS Lothian under a new deal.

Its Tailored Talks software supports patient care by helping medical staff provide patients and carers with information, made up of 500 Covid-19 and ICU related slides, which can be tailored to each individual patient’s needs.

This information can be shared with third parties in a range of formats – on-screen during face-to-face meetings, on paper for people without access to digital technology, and can be emailed as a pdf or a web link for mobile devices, PCs or laptops.

It can then be reshared with family members or carers wherever they are based.

Because of its digital nature, the content is readily updated to ensure it is accurate. It can also link to other web-based information including videos, e-learning, e-applications, and services to facilitate signposting.

The system was created to facilitate effective discharge, and to support people and their families make the transition from ICU to home following a Covid-19 diagnosis. In doing so, it will ensure that there is ongoing support as people learn to live with the longer-term impact of the virus.

Recently, the Office for National Statistics has warned that one in five people infected by the coronavirus suffer from long Covid, with symptoms lasting five weeks from the initial infection, and one in seven suffered from symptoms lasting for 12 weeks.

Symptoms of long Covid included lasting fatigue, coughs, and headaches, among others.

There are some reports of people suffering symptoms for months after their initial infection.


The platform was developed along with NHS Lothian and Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland. Pogo completed a successful trial of the software at the health board earlier this year.

Director of research and innovation at NHS Lothian Professor Timothy Walsh, who helped develop the platform, said: “Improving the quality of information provided to patients, especially the right information at the right time in their care, is an NHS priority and the key to high quality personalised medicine.

“We are excited to be working with Pogo Studio in a range of healthcare areas to share our clinicians’ knowledge and expertise to provide timely accessible information via the Tailored Talks digital platform. I believe this has major potential to improve patients’ experience and helps clinicians provide the detailed information needed about treatment and care quickly and securely.”

Walsh developed the platform along with Pogo CEO and Founder Jack Francis, with work beginning in late May 2020.

Pogo Commercial Director Samantha Bedford, who was recently hired to drive growth at the company’s digital healthcare unit, said: “In Tailored Talks, Jack and the team have developed a product with world-class potential, with the capability to be deployed across multiple segments and territories of the healthcare market.

“Our partnerships with health boards in Scotland are only the first step of what we fully expect to be an international sales strategy going forward.”

Michael Behr

Senior Staff Writer

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