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New Platform Helps Scottish Government Build Back Better Post-Covid-19

Michael Behr


Brian Horisk Procurement Platform

The new software platform will help the Scottish Government focus on sustainability requirements during procurement.

Scottish software consultancy Horisk Leslie Development will supply a new platform specifically developed for Scottish Procurement after winning a £61,000 Scottish Government contract.

The Sustainable Procurement Tools platform will help Scotland’s public bodies embed sustainability requirements into their procurement process, kickstarting the national economic recovery post-Covid-19.

Combining three tools, the software helps Scotland’s public sector organisations optimise procurement – economically, socially and environmentally.

The Flexible Framework Assessment Tool assesses the current level of performance and actions required to embed good procurement practice to realise intended sustainable outcomes.

The Prioritisation Tool assists in early-stage strategic planning and brings a standard, structured approach to the assessment of spend categories.

The Sustainability Test helps embed relevant and proportionate sustainability requirements in the development of frameworks and contracts. It can be used on its own or on the results of the prioritisation assessment, where completed.

By combining the three tools on one platform, the software is easier to access, reference and use. It also makes knowledge and experience easier to share and enables the tools more likely to be used and deliver their benefits to the organisations, businesses and the public.

Developed over five months, the platform was recently released by the Cupar-based consultancy. It replaces several offline Excel-based tools and is already being used by just under 100 procurement officials.

The contract award took place as part of a competitive tender in one of the Scottish Government’s national frameworks designed to ensure best value and quality in privately-sourced services and products.


As part of the country’s post-Covid-19 recovery, the Scottish Government has set out a four-step economic plan: Response, Reset, Restart and Recover. Horisk Leslie Development noted that the platform’s sustainable procurement tools can assist with early-stage strategic planning, helping the country restart.

Speaking about the new platform, Director Brian Horisk, said: “We’re delighted to have had another large public sector client – a directorate of The Scottish Government – select us to develop a key tool which will be used by many organisations throughout Scotland to help us not only recover from the social, economic and environmental damage done by Covid-19 but also rebuild in a socially-inclusive and environmentally sustainable way so the benefits are enjoyed by all and help Scotland meet its climate goals.

“As someone committed to sustainable development, this has been a very satisfying project to use our specialism in bespoke software systems which simplify using organisation processes. It’s great to see it being adopted so widely already – allowing the benefits to be realised so soon.”

Lorraine Hook, of Scottish Procurement, said: “Horisk’s experience of developing similar tools for other public sector organisations was invaluable and meant they could hit the ground running on our project.

“They were able to offer innovative solutions to our requirements and, despite the pandemic, continued to work with us to deliver our project on time. As a result, we now have a single platform which provides easier access to our suite of tools and supporting guidance.”

Michael Behr

Senior Staff Writer

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