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Six-figure Funding Package to Drive Innovation in Scottish Public Transport

Ross Kelly



Cabinet Secretary Michael Matheson said MaaS applications can “directly support” the Scottish Government’s vision for more sustainable transport.

One million pounds in funding has been made available to stimulate innovation in public transport tech solutions.

The Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Investment Fund, which aims to support Scotland’s green recovery and make public transport more efficient and easier to use, has launched its second funding round this week.

The funding by the Scottish Government aims to foster creativity in the sector and grow the evidence base for the global MaaS concept, helping to deliver solutions which are tailored for communities across Scotland.

Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity, Michael Matheson said: “The Scottish Government sees great potential in the future of MaaS solutions and an opportunity for Scotland to be at the forefront of developments.

“That’s why we committed through our Programme for Government in 2018 to establish the Mobility as a Service Investment Fund.”

Matheson added: “Much has changed since 2018, but as we think about the urgent need for a green recovery while we build back from the Covid-19 pandemic, the potential of MaaS solutions in Scottish transport is perhaps more important than ever before.”

Typically, MaaS solutions aim to join up multiple different modes of transport and enable users to create their own unique journeys from A to B and pay for it with a simple tap, through a single transaction on their smart device.

Payments across multiple modes of transport can be made seamlessly, which provides commuters with an easier journey.

Matheson said MaaS applications can “directly support” the Scottish Government’s vision for more sustainable transport across the country. Similarly, improvements to efficiency and the streamlining of public transport could play a key role in helping the nation tackle climate change.


Dr Alastair McInroy, CEO of Technology Scotland, said the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need for innovation in public transport.

He said: “These solutions will play a crucial role in re-building passenger confidence in our shared transport assets, something that is absolutely essential if we are to meet our aims of a more sustainable transport network over the coming years.

“With this in mind we are delighted to see the continuation of the Scottish Government’s MaaS Investment Fund programme through the launch of Round 2 today.

“We have been hugely encouraged by the level of interest already shown by potential project leads and we are excited to see how Round 2 projects will augment and compliment those supported through Round 1.”

Ross Kelly

Staff Writer

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