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New Board Members for ScotlandIS

Brian Baglow


ScotlandIS Board

Peter Proud, Callum Sinclair and Maria Gutierrez join the board of Scotland’s digital technology organisation.

ScotlandIS, the industry organisation which represents and supports businesses and organisations creating & delivering digital products and services, has announced three new board members will be joining the organisation.

After a call for volunteers, potential candidates were voted for by ScotlandIS members. The winning candidates are:

All three will join the board on August 28 2018.

Peter Proud told DIGIT: “I’m very excited to join the board of ScotlandIS at a time when the software industry is thriving in Scotland and there is unlimbered potential for youngsters entering our ever growing industry.

“As a supporter and advocate of the growing focus on apprenticeships, Cortex is committed to nurturing talent and the future of the industry and making Scotland a world leader in digital technology.”

Callum Sinclair noted the value of ScotlandIS to the industry as technology continues to grow and evolve: “I’m delighted to get the chance to work alongside the highly dedicated ScotlandIS team and its talented and committed Board members again.

“ScotlandIS has always punched above its weight in driving the Scottish digital industries forward, and a diverse range of skills is key to that success. At a time where public trust is at a low ebb when it comes to certain technologies, appropriate regulation and governance will be critical for the growth of the industry and of Scottish digital businesses.

“I’m a lawyer with a life-long passion for technology and believe I can a lot of value to that agenda.”

Maria Gutierrez, commented: “Thanks to the support of Scottish Enterprise I have been able to build a successful career in technology. Like I’ve started doing with WomenWhoCode, I want to continue paying that opportunity forward.

“Being part of the ScotlandIS board is an excellent chance to work with a very talented group of industry experts to help shape the future of the digital technology industry in Scotland. There are so many opportunities to help our community become more diverse and inclusive, and I’m looking forward to partnering with them to support the rapid growth of this sector.”

Graeme Gordon, the chairman of ScotlandIS, welcomed the new members, saying: “The make-up of the ScotlandIS board continues to develop and reflect the real abilities, expertise, needs and issues the industries we represent have and face.  Wider than this it also represents the greater business community’s eagerness to engage with and support digital growth in and for Scotland well beyond our shoreline.”

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Brian Baglow


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