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Nevada Town Warns People to Stay Away from Area 51 Music Festival

Ross Kelly


Area 51 Music Festival

The ‘Storm Area 51’ event may have been cancelled, but a music festival in the nearby town of Rachel could attract a few space cadets. 

Until recently, the town of Rachel, Nevada was an unassuming town located near to one of the most secretive military installations in the United States.

People often directed their attention toward Area 51 and used the town as a stop-off point while life in Rachel went on as normal. That all changed, however, when a social media campaign drew global attention to both the base and the town nearest to it.

Millions of people signed up to ‘Storm Area 51’ on Facebook, with the intention of raiding the military base to find proof that the US Government is harbouring aliens and extraterrestrial technology. So many signed up to raid the site that the US Air Force was prompted to issue a statement claiming it “stands ready to protect America and its assets”.

The Facebook event, which has since been deleted, detailed how the raid would unfold: “We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry.

“If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Let’s see them aliens.”

Throughout July, social media sites such as Twitter and Reddit were awash with memes and discussion over what might unfold if hordes of people actually stormed the base.

Although the raid on Area 51 is now officially off, the town of Rachel could see another major event unfolding in the near future.

A three-day music festival, dubbed Alienstock, is set to kick off on the 20th September. The festival is being organised by the Storm Area 51 creator, Matty Roberts, alongside event producer The Hidden Sound.

Organisers of the Alienstock festival said they will deliver an “amazing experience” featuring a range of “headlining artists” for the event.

Despite grandiose claims from the organisers, local authorities have questioned whether the event is legitimate. Some have even compared the proposed event to Fyre Festival – the luxury music festival held in the Caribbean that quickly descended into anarchy.

In anticipation of the Alienstock festival, the official website for the town of Rachel has gone so far as to issue a statement, claiming that the event will “undoubtedly attract crooks trying to capitalize on the chaos”.

The statement reads: “With the social media attention this event is getting we want to clarify a few points for those not familiar with this area. Other than the Little A’Le’Inn, a small bar/restaurant/motel there are no services in Rachel. There is no gas and no store. The Inn is booked for that weekend.

“This event will undoubtedly attract crooks trying to capitalize on the chaos. Be on your guard and always lock your vehicle. And stay away from the residential part of Rachel. Most residents do not like where this event is going and will respond accordingly.”

The statement continues: “WARNING: a dubious group, known for chaotic events like Burning Man and the Las Vegas Electric Music Festival has taken over this event. They threaten to “take over Rachel” and claim the residents are on board.

“The residents were not asked and are not on board and will certainly not allow their town to be taken over. This has a high potential of getting ugly. Please consider visiting another time.”

According to the Rachel website, base security from Area 51, along with the local county sheriffs department will be on “high alert” ahead of the proposed event. Several federal agencies will also be present, the website claims.

Ross Kelly

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