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Neatebox Recognised for Disabled Accessibility App Innovation

Ross Kelly


The Edinburgh-based company continues to draw attention for its work to improve disabled accessibility. 

Edinburgh-based disabled accessibility company, Neatebox, has been awarded the prestigious international Zero Project Award for its work with the Welcome App.

The Zero Project recognises and celebrates innovative and effective solutions to the problems faced by people with disabilities.

Each year, the Project awards showcase some of the transformative work carried out by organisations across the globe, drawing on key aspects of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (UN CRPD).

Other notable awardees include Scottish charity, ENABLE Scotland, for its work in helping people with learning differences to vote.

Equality by Default

Released in 2017, Neatebox’s Welcome app supports people with disabilities to help them fully enjoy their visit to a variety of venues, such as cafes, hotels, the Scottish Parliament and a number of retail venues including Jenners.

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The free-to-use app allows users to request visits to specific venues, detailing their individual accessibility requirements so that staff can cater to their needs.

In 2018, Neatebox was also nominated for a number of prestigious awards, which saw the firm compete with Microsoft and Facebook to be recognised for their work improving disabled accessibility.

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Neatebox founder and CEO, Gavin Neate, told DIGIT: “The Zero Project Awards Conference is held every year and can only be described as the greatest meeting of positive, can do, world-changers in one place at any time.

“Their drive for positive social change is tangible. For Welcome to have been adjudged to have achieved the high level they demand from their ‘world changers’ has left me feeling more positive and dedicated to my cause than ever before.”

Neate added: “For a long time the word ‘access’ has been defined as physical, ie doors, ramps and lifts. It is fantastic to have the recognition that access issues are so often how a customer service team interacts with you on your arrival.”

Ross Kelly

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