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Trailblazing Travel Service NaviGoGo Launches in Dundee

Brian Baglow


NaviGoGo Scotland Pilot Dundee

NaviGoGo a pioneering new Mobility-as-a-Service pilot has launched in Dundee, allowing participants to see the fastest, cheapest ways to travel.

The NaviGoGo project gives young people in Dundee and the North of Fife, the ability to find, book and pay for transport using a simple web app – or their Young Scot card.

The pilot service allows young people to directly book trains and taxis, provides information such as the fare and change required for buses as well as the availability of car clubs. Healthy options including cycling and walking are also included in journey planning and linked to Young Scot Rewards.

NaviGoGo also boasts innovative features such as the taxi fare splitting calculator, destination and transport reviews, a deal matcher and a link to Young Scot Rewards.

NaviGoGo Pilot Trial AreaDuring the six-month trial each user will receive a free monthly £20 credit in their account, which can then be topped up further if required.  The first pilot users are trialling the service from today and a further 80 are being sought to use the service from December.

NaviGoGo, was created with  input, advice and feedback directly from young people to ensure the target audience would use the service.

The project received funding from Innovate UK to develop a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform to make it easier for young people to travel. NaviGoGo is delivered by a consortium led by ESP Group which includes Mudlark, National Entitlement Card (NEC), Route Monkey, SYSTRA and Young Scot.

NaviGoGo ScreenshotSteve Cassidy, Director of ESP Group, said: “We have worked intensively over six months with 16-25 year olds to co-design NaviGoGo. The resounding message we got from these young people was that there is no one-stop-shop for the traveller tailored to their own needs and circumstances.  As Scotland’s first Mobility as a Service pilot we’re excited about how the trial will inform future transport information and booking in Scotland and beyond.”

Louise Macdonald, Chief Executive of Young Scot said, “It’s brilliant to see the experiences of young people being fully embedded in the design and development of NaviGoGo throughout the whole process. We’re excited to hear what your people think about NaviGoGo and for the future for the project.”

NaviGoGo integrates with Young Scot Rewards to provide rewards points to young people choosing active and public transport travel options for different legs of their journey. Reward points can then be exchanged for experiences, kit and other opportunities.

Young people aged 16-25 who live in Dundee or North Fife can register their interest for the next stage of the trial by going to

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