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New Textual Analytics Tool to Improve Health and Social Care

Brian Baglow


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A two-year collaboration between industry and academia creates new digital tools to support health care and social organisations.

Nalytics, the advanced search technology created by Scottish company Nalanda, was the core of a recent research Knowledge Transfer Project, rated outstanding by Innovate UK.

The two-year project, was a collaboration between OLM Systems Ltd. and the informatics research centre at Henley Business School. It was created to develop a digital tool which would allow health and social care organisations to make more effective use of the textual data contained within clinical records.

Text analytics analyses textual data to find hidden associations and patterns. In addition to a wide range of applications in health and social care sectors, it could also be used in other areas which deal with large volumes of textual data, including the legal and education sectors.

The Nalytics technology is a search and discovery platform that enables quick and easy search and analysis of all unstructured data, from emails and spreadsheets to word documents or pdf files.

The technology assists in the analysis of data by enabling users to make sophisticated searches which puts the information in context and can highlight relationships between seemingly disparate bits of information.

Data on a Massive Scale

Prof Keiichi Nakata Henley Business SchoolProfessor Keiichi Nakata, Lead Academic for the project and Head of Business Informatics, Systems and Accounting from Henley Business School said: “In the era of digitalisation, text data are generated and stored by businesses and organisations on a massive scale which can no longer be effectively processed by humans resulting in missed opportunities.”

This was an exemplary KTP project – the company had a solid technology base on which, together with the expertise of the academic team and a shared project goal, a new text analytics tool was developed. It demonstrates how academic research can contribute to new business technology.”

Positive Impacts for Patient Wellbeing

Peter O’Hara, CEO of OLM Systems, said: “This KTP project was a great example of how the Nalytics technology can benefit the healthcare sector. There is a massive opportunity to utilise the wealth of unstructured data to help support decision making and influence more effective interventions and positively impact the health and wellbeing of patients.

“Not only has the project introduced and inspired significant technological developments to Nalytics, but this technological focus has also had a significant positive side effect where we find ourselves positively positioned in the currently emerging and exciting field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).”


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Brian Baglow


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