Scottish Government Exceeds Apprenticeship Targets

Modern Apprenticeships

Jamie Hepburn MSP met with apprentices at Cortex Worldwide Ltd today in Edinburgh to celebrate the success of the Scottish Government programme. 

The Scottish Government has announced that it has surpassed its target for apprenticeships, with more than 27,000 people starting Modern Apprenticeships in 2017/18. Statistics released by Skills Development Scotland also reveal that the Scottish Government is on course to reaching its commitment to increase the number of apprenticeships to 30,000 per year by 2020.

Employability and Training Minister Jamie Hepburn visited Cortex Worldwide Ltd at its Edinburgh office today as part of the announcement. He highlighted the value in promoting Modern Apprenticeships, which offer Scotland’s future workforce a prime opportunity to develop valuable skills.

He said: “Apprenticeships are a fantastic way for all employers to invest in their workforce and provide the skills the economy needs now and in the future. I welcome these statistics which show that once again we are exceeding our annual Modern Apprenticeship target

Modern Apprenticeships

Modern Apprenticeships offer people a fantastic opportunity to develop skills in a practical working environment, and it is hoped that through initiatives such as this, Scotland will cultivate a highly skilled workforce that is prepared for the future.

Statistics released today reaffirm the Scottish Government’s commitment to apprenticeship schemes. It has previously committed to driving improvement in inclusive growth, which includes apprenticeship uptake for priority groups with a strong focus on breaking down societal and cultural barriers.

An emphasis has been placed on encouraging young Scots to engage with STEM subjects throughout their educational experience, and through apprenticeships it appears there has been an uptake of STEM subjects. In 2017/18 more than a third of Modern Apprenticeship starts were in technology, maths, engineering or various other science-based subjects areas.

Engaging Industry

During his appearance at Cortex, Hepburn met with a number of apprentices who work across a broad range of areas, including; software development, cyber security and IT management for business.

Cortex took on its first Modern Apprentices in 2016 and now employs five – with another three due to arrive this year.

Peter Proud, CEO of Cortex Worldwide, echoed the statement made by Jamie Hepburn, noting that apprenticeships offer employees a fantastic opportunity to develop skills. He added that initiatives such as this adds a broad mixture of creativity and diversity within any business.

He said: “Taking on Modern Apprentices and offering employees the opportunity to develop their skills through Graduate Apprenticeships has been hugely beneficial for the business.

“It brings diversity and fresh thinking into Cortex and ensures the tech industry has the pipeline of talent with the training needed to meet skills for the future.

Peter believes that all businesses should look to engage with apprenticeship programmes and begin investing in the future now.

“Any business owner should look hard at apprenticeships and the solid business reasons to invest in young talent. Find a Graduate Apprenticeship university to partner with and start investing in their future.”

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