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MindMate Partners with Actinogen to Pioneer Alzheimer’s Research

Ross Kelly



MindMate has partnered with Actinogen to assist the company through a series of clinical trials that could help people living with Alzheimer’s. 

MindMate has announced a partnership with Actinogen Medical, an Australia-based biotechnology company to develop innovative treatment methods for people with Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative disorders.

The partnership will see Actinogen use MindMate’s cognitive health software to recruit patients for the pioneering XanADu trial which aims to prove the effectiveness of its Xanamem drug.

International Cooperation

Xanamem aims to inhibit the excess production of the stress hormone cortisol in the brain and was developed in response to evidence that high cortisol levels have a strong association with Alzheimer’s.  

A significant number of clinical trials fail to meet recruitment goals, which can lead to delays, increased costs and poor results. This partnership will allow Actinogen to identify the right patient population in a faster, more efficient manner.

Integrating with Actinogen’s clinical will enable Mindmate to support patient recruitment in the US, Australia and the UK – with the University of Edinburgh taking up the role as one of Actinogen’s partner sites for the XanADu trial.

Susanne Mitschke, MindMate’s CEO and co-founder, believes the partnership is a valuable opportunity to collaborate with a leading research organisation, while also illuminating Scotland’s pioneering nature in the field of biotechnology.

She said: “This partnership is a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with one of the leading research organisations in Scotland and shows that Scotland is continuing to drive innovation also through world-leading biotech developments.”

Concerning Projections

Alzheimer’s is affecting an ever-increasing number of people worldwide. In the UK alone, more than 850,000 people live with Alzheimer’s and this number is expected to increase to over one million within the next six years. In an effort to help tackle growing health issues, Glasgow and Strathclyde University graduates Mitschke, Patrick Renner and Rogelio Arellano founded MindMate.

This free mobile health app is already used by in excess of one million people living with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, brain injury and other forms of cognitive decline. Available on iOS, the app allows users to manage their cognitive health through daily games and challenges, tailored physical exercises, nutritional advice and also the tracking of mood and sleep. Headquartered in Glasgow, and with a second office in Los Angeles, MindMate has considerable scope to make an impact in both the US and Europe, making it a perfect partner in this venture.

Ross Kelly

Staff Writer

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