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Scottish Medtech Firm Targets Global Aviation Sector

Dominique Adams


MIME Technologies Founders & CEOs

Inverness firm developing new medical technology which can help monitor a patient’s vitals during short-haul flights. 

MIME Technologies, a University of Aberdeen medical technology spin-out, is targeting the short-haul aviation sector with its first product MIME Pro. Designed specifically for environments where there is no immediate access to professional medical care it has been developed to operate on-scene with or without connectivity. This tool is designed to support short-haul cabin crews to monitor a patient’s vitals during an in-inflight medical emergencies.

Headquartered in Inverness, the firm’s aim is to help avoid aircraft diversions, give cabin crew an intelligent ‘comfort blanket’ when delivering first aid at 30,000 feet, and reduce airline liability insurance premiums.

While in many long-haul aircraft, cabin crews have relatively high standards of resources available to deal with medical incidents involving passengers, MIME’s founding team has identified a gap in the existing market for shorter distance and budget airline carriers. With the International Air Transport Association expecting flyers this year 4bn and 7.8 bn by 2036 this device could potentially save a lot of lives.

Tool to Improve Incident Recording

Founded by Anne Roberts and Dr Alasdair Mort, MIME Technologies has grown its team in recent months. Most recently Ian Stevens, former CEO of Touch Bionics and CFO of Optos, has been appointed as Chairman. The company plans to seek its first external fundraising round in the second half of 2018.

Dr Alasdair Mort, CEO said: “Our mission and purpose is to help save lives and improve medical incident record keeping in any environment where an ambulance can’t go. While we are targeting aviation markets in the first phase of our growth, we see the application of the technology in multiple sectors over time.”

Ian Stevens, Chairman of MIME Technologies, said: “MIME’s exciting medical technology offers great potential for the business and its products. Alasdair is building a strong team who can make a real impact in what we believe to be underserved markets.”


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