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MiiGen Beats Funding Target By £100,000

Brian Baglow


Miigen - Digital time capsule

The social media platform aimed at older users raised £250,000.

Miigen is a social media platform aimed at older users. It allows users to create a ‘digital time capsule’ saving a scrap book of images, video and audio files, which can be stored securely and accessed by family in later life.

The company offers a retrospective social platform which is fully private unless users want to share a memory. It is integrated with global social media giant Facebook. Facebook posts can be converted to Miigen Moments with added voice tags.

The company launched its first round of funding, looking for an investment of £100,000. Within seven days the company had secured £250,000 from a group of 11 Scottish business owners, including Tony Banks, founder and chairman of the Balhousie Care Group.

Miigen founder, Craig Lemmon, the owner of Stirling-based IT and Cloud company 2e-volve said: “When you have been leading successful businesses for as long as I have and you come up with a new concept like Miiigen that fires the imagination of people, it’s not unreasonable to expect some of those you know well to support it with funding.

“All the same, I have been touched and really quite delighted by the speed with which the funds have been raised.”

Miigen plans to acquire 10 million older adult customers in its target demographic – which numbers in excess of a billion – by 2022.

Lemmon is now building a portfolio of strategic partnerships and forging links with age-related third sector organisations, as well as organisations such as the Scouts who will be encouraged to help their grandparents and older people with the project.

He said: “There are 1.71 billion over-50s around the world, of whom 47% are Internet-connected. Of that percentage, 74% use social media – a target demographic of 602 million people. The potential for a platform such as Miigen, which is tailored to their needs, is huge.”

Tony Banks, founder and chairman of the Balhousie Care Group, said: “Age is an asset because it brings with it years of priceless lived experience – lose sight of that and we lose something of immense value.

“When I hear of a new product that enhances the lives of older people and keeps afresh their relationships with family, friends and future generations I get energised and excited. Miigen is just such a breakthrough. A ‘digital time capsule’ created here in Scotland and with the possibility of changing lives across the globe.

“That’s why I am so delighted to invest in Miigen. It is the start of something that will have a positive impact on the lives of older people and their families across the world.”

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Brian Baglow


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