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Apprentice Employer of the Month | Mesomorphic

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Our new regular column about the benefits that tech companies can gain from employing apprentices is brought to you by Skills Development Scotland.

Mesomorphic is a limited company from Shetland which creates bespoke software for SMEs using modern development philosophies. Currently, the company has two Graduate Apprentice (GA) Software Developers.

Barnaby Mercer founded Mesomorphic in 2015, working on his own for a year before bringing on Maria Bell as Managing Director and expanding the company from there.

Barnaby said: “We believe that Graduate Apprenticeships are vital in today’s world. Especially working in Shetland where there isn’t a large recruitment pool like there may be in larger parts of the country. This could lead to potential issues with there not being the right people with the right skills, and a Graduate Apprenticeship is a great way to tackle this problem.

“By upskilling or reskilling through a GA, we can ensure that by the end of the four years, our apprentices will have all the skills they need to work in software development.”

In 2017 the company began speaking with Robert Gordon University during their first intake of Graduate Apprentices.

Picking up the story, Bell continued: “At this time, Mesomorphic weren’t in the position to take someone else on, but were eager to expand the company in the near future. Apprenticeships give people the opportunity to learn on the job.

“A Graduate Apprentice with Mesomorphic attends university as well as working as a full-time developer. Our apprentices get to work on our live projects and are doing everything a full-time developer does.”

She added: “We have always encouraged our team to take up the opportunity to upskill and reskill, and that includes our Graduate Apprentices. Everyone is given the chance to explore different areas of work, picking up new skills as they go along.

“Rather than looking for someone to take up a new role, if there’s someone who’s already eager to learn, why not give them the opportunity to do so.”

Current apprentice Finlay Mercer loves his role. He said: “The Graduate Apprenticeship is the perfect fusion of study and work; it combines the two so you are learning all the time while doing practical work which contributes to the success of the company.”

For Mesomorphic, being able to give feedback directly to Skills Development Scotland and RGU is also important. Software Development is constantly evolving, so it’s vital that the course meets those fluid industry needs.

Barnaby added: “We would recommend all employers consider taking on an apprentice. Our apprentices are a valuable asset to our company, and it also gives them a solid foundation to their career.

“A Graduate Apprenticeship in Software Development in particular works really well. Quite often you find that the theory really lags behind the practical learning, so getting that hands-on experience is really important.”


Mesomorphic intends to continue bringing in apprentices to their growing team, with the aspiration of hiring a new Graduate Apprentice each year.

Visit to find out more about how employing digital and technology apprentices can help your business grow.

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