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My New Year’s Resolution? To Make Tech Work Harder for my Personal Life

Josif Grace


Life Admin

Josif Grace, Founder and CEO of Legado explores how technology is increasingly used to cut out troublesome ‘life admin’.

“Life admin” is a term that we often hear these days. Usually, it involves tasks like going to the post office or getting on top of paperwork for insurance, energy suppliers or the bank.

According to a survey by Admiral last year, Brits spend up to 13 days a year on life admin and one in 10 adults feel these tasks take up more time than they should.

We’ve entered a time where suppliers have three methods of communicating with their customers – by post, by email, or (if they’re advanced) via an online portal. This means we have to be even more organised to stay on top of our life admin.

So, when a mortgage supplier asks for historical bank statements, or worse, if a family member passes away and you need access to any of their important documents or information, it can be a time consuming and difficult process to source the correct paperwork, and then find a way to share this with the relevant people or parties.

There is no denying that technology has streamlined our lives in so many ways; most of us now have one handheld device to do just about everything; call, text, watch videos, listen to music, get directions, transfer money and more.

We often take this for granted, along with the digitisation of documents in the workplace – contracts and accounts are increasingly shared and signed digitally instead of physically.

So why haven’t we transferred this over into our personal lives?

Instead of sitting on the living room floor surrounded by pieces of paper and post-it notes with passwords on them (and then having to store these disparately in boxes/drawers/email folders), we need to start taking a leaf out of our professional lives book.


It’s time that we make technology work better for us by centralising our life admin through a tool that is not only secure, but makes our lives ultimately easier – it’s about less and not more stress.

Fortunately, there has been a significant rise in digital vaults in recent years.  These serve as a platform to keep all of our information safe, and in one central location, making it easy to share three months of bank statements with your mortgage advisor, or a copy of your passport to a new employer.

Not only that, but they can also send notifications when it is time to renew our car insurance, prompt us to make payments, or even remind us when a loved one’s birthday is coming up.

By digitising our life admin and using technology to make our lives easier, we could free up 13 days a year to do what really matters to us, rather than surrounding ourselves in paperwork. That’s a new year’s resolution I can get behind.

Josif Grace

Founder and CEO, Legado

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