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IT Job Adverts Jump in the UK as Government Eases Lockdown

David Paul


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Data indicates an increase in job listings for IT professionals despite a record number of workers losing their jobs over lockdown.

Job advertisements for the IT sector have risen across Britain after the UK government announced the gradual easing of lockdown in early July.

Research carried out by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) shows that, between 6-12th July, the total number of active job adverts increased to more than one million – marking an increase from 990,000 in the final week of June.

The data showed there were 106,000 new job adverts posted in the week of 6-12 July, 14,000 more than the week of 22-28 June.

There has been increased demand for IT professionals, graphic designers and LGV drivers, while demand for teachers, dentists and fitness instructors appears to have dropped.

The growth was visible across the UK but was most prominent in the north-west of England, where the number of active job postings increased by over 17,000 to 125,000 between late June and early July.

In Scotland, Dumfries and Galloway was the second-highest area to see a jump in listings, with 3,510 job postings being recorded between the 6-12th July, an increase of 22.4%.

However East and Midlothian saw the largest drop in the number’s analysed by REC, recording 1,522 listings – a drop of 10.5%.

Commenting on the research, REC chief executive Neil Carberry, said: “Business confidence has slowly been rising as lockdown measures have eased – though the recovery has a long way to go. This is reflected in these job postings figures.

“While many businesses are facing tough decisions on staffing this week, there are other firms where hiring is still happening, and their numbers are growing.”

Carberry added: “It is encouraging that we are seeing indications of growth for roles like IT professionals and designers, which will be critical for many firms as they adapt to meet the challenges of a changing market.

“However, we are not out of the woods. The economy will not return to normal levels for some time. Firms are looking to government for further guidance on how they can begin to open up more fully, including returning to offices – as long as it’s safe to do so. This would deliver a further boost in confidence and get Britain’s world-leading services industries going.”

Despite an increase in job listings, the number of UK workers on company payrolls dropped has by 649,000 over lockdown, according to the Office for National Statistics.


Matthew Mee, Director at Workforce Intelligence at Ems, commented: “It’s positive to see a continued rise in job posting activity over the last two weeks in certain sectors, locations and occupations – albeit this is of course tempered with a significant rise in redundancies and claimant counts across a number of UK industries.

“The next 2-3 months are going to be critical to understanding the true impact of the furlough scheme and wider government support programs. We believe recruitment marketing activity will continue to be a useful lead indicator to predict how and where the economy is adapting to market conditions – however, it’s also crucial to understand changes in the supply side of the labour market in parallel, which is why we’ve recently introduced this data into Emsi tools.

“Recruiters will play a key role in the months ahead as we all try to keep Britain working.”

David Paul

Staff Writer, DIGIT

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