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Be-IT Launches IT Graduate Employment Survey

Dominique Adams


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Be-IT has commissioned a new study to examine the current state of the IT graduate employment market and is seeking recent graduates and employers to take its online survey. 

Due to the positive response and reception of its investigation last year into Sexism in IT, digital recruitment firm Be-IT has commissioned a new study into the IT job market. The firm is now calling for recent graduates and employers to participate.

The research will be carried out by an independent third party and it is expected the results will be announced at the end of summer 2018. The subject of the digital skills shortage in the UK tech industry and the fact that schools are accused of not producing sufficient ‘raw material’ for universities has been written about at length.

The quantity and calibre of graduates is a key issue that directly impacts employers and ultimately the IT sector. For that reason, the company’s latest survey will specifically target these two groups to gather their feedback on the issue.

Be-IT says it will investigate two basic things:

  • Do recent graduates feel that their courses and qualifications have prepared them for the world of work?
  • Do employers feel that IT graduates are of the standard required?

If you are a recent graduate or employer and would like to contribute to the study the online survey is now open.

Be-IT CEO, Gareth Biggerstaff said:

“At Be-IT, we’re very aware of the skills shortages in the IT industry. We’re also very aware, and regularly blog about, the lack of suitably qualified people coming out of the universities, itself a reflection of the paucity of students studying STEM subjects at secondary level.”

“And, of course, there is the very real problem for employers of wanting to recruit experienced people, and, on the other side of the coin, the perennial Catch-22 of graduates knowing the theory but not being able to back it up with experience. ”

“Over the last year or so we’ve heard some concerns about the quality of IT graduates and consequently this year our research will focus on both sides of the equation – the graduates’ perception of the extent to which their courses have prepared them for a job and, from the employers’ perspective, whether employers feel that our universities are producing the quality of graduates they require.”

The online survey is now open.

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