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iomart Offers Spare Computing Power to Help Fight COVID-19

Duncan MacRae


The computing power will help Folding@Home, a project that has created one of the world’s largest supercomputers by harnessing the power of tens of thousands of computers around the globe.

iomart is donating spare compute power from its UK operations to Folding@Home, the worldwide open source computing project that has been mobilised to help scientists in their fight against COVID-19.

The cloud computing firm, headquartered in Glasgow, has dedicated 100 high-powered graphics processing cards to run the Folding@Home software on approximately 50 of its servers. This gives the scientists involved the computing power to carry out complex calculations that simulate protein dynamics as they search for a drug to fight the disease.

Richard McMahon, CTO, iomart, said: “This is a difficult time for everyone and as a cloud computing business we felt this was something really positive we could do to help.”

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Folding@Home has created one of the world’s largest supercomputers by harnessing the power of tens of thousands of individual computers to support the researchers and scientists trying to stop the virus. iomart is one of a number of technology companies that have turned over computing resources to help the project.


McMahon added: “These graphic cards are grinding huge numbers at speed and the calculations they do are uploaded to the project incredibly quickly. You can already see the difference the extra compute is giving to the scientists and researchers involved.”

iomart is also continuing to ensure its staff and customers get all the support they need through these extraordinary times. The cloud company has enabled remote working for all non-datacentre staff.  This has allowed iomart to continue to support its customers during this difficult period.

Duncan MacRae


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