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Incremental Group Helps Big Data for Humans Scale Customer Insights Automation Offering

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Big Data for Humans says its partnership with Incremental Group will enable it to support a wider range of data-science ambitions and connect to a world class data eco-system in Scotland.

Big Data for Humans, a customer insights automation specialist, has selected digital tech firm Incremental Group, to enable it to scale services to its global client base of retail and travel companies.

Big Data for Humans has helped companies such as AirAsia, 7-Eleven and Selfridges use customer data at the heart of digital transformation.

Data eco-system

Peter Ellen, CEO at Big Data for Humans, said: “Our new partner, Incremental Group, enables us to support a wider range of data science ambitions and connect to a world class data eco-system in Scotland.

“Our software platform, The Customer Graph provides a best in class way to make AI, machine learning and data modelling something that every day business humans can use.”

With new clients like Molton Brown and Mountain Warehouse coming on board in recent weeks, Ellen said Big Data For Humans is seeing an increasing appetite to put customers at the centre of digital transformation strategies.

Incremental Group has close links to Scottish academic institutions. Neil Logan, CEO of Incremental Group, said: “We currently work with a number of organisations across both the public and private sectors to solve problems with data science.

“Our strategic partnership with Big Data for Humans will provide them with scale, flexibility and expertise they need to meet increasing demand as they enter this new phase of growth, while extending our reach into the travel and retail sectors.”
AirAsia, the world’s fourth largest low-cost Airline, is both client and investor in Big Data for Humans, with the Group’s Founder and CEO Tony Fernandes sitting on the board of the Edinburgh-based company.

Fernandes said: “We know data is the new oil, but to empower management there’s a huge, very difficult process needed to refine vast data lakes. We invested in Big Data for Humans because they are world class at turning data into actionable insight.”

AirAsia is incubating its relationships with world class start-ups as part of a comprehensive digital transformation strategy. Big Data for Humans caught their eye in 2015 after graduating from the Techstars program, a leading start-up incubator, with more than 300,000 alumina.

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