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Home Workers Lose 30 Minutes Per Day from Poor Connectivity

David Paul


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Pressures of the ‘new normal’ of home-working indicate that internet connection issues cause problems for staff working from home.

New research carried out by Zen Internet has revealed that increased broadband usage by home workers is causing some issues with internet connectivity, losing them time throughout their working day.

Broadband networks have seen an increase in usage over the lockdown period, and this has caused connectivity issues in some areas, meaning some workers lose time in their day as they are unable to carry out tasks.

Zen surveyed more than 1,000 people in Britain currently working from home and found that the majority have been affected by a bad internet connection at some point.

Due to connectivity issues, almost 89% of homeworkers waste an average of just over 30 minutes a day as a result, with one in eight of that group (12%) losing an hour or more.

Overall, collected data suggests 84% of home workers have suffered from an unreliable internet connection, while 86% have been hit with slow internet speeds.

During the lockdown period, broadband provider Openreach stopped allowing its engineers into homes to fix broadband issues citing health risks, leaving some users with internet connection problems without a viable solution.

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Almost half of the respondents to Zen’s survey said that the impact of a bad connection is stress and frustration during working hours.

As well as this, 38% of people said that that productivity is also affected, as well as 29% complaining about a loss of work and inability to use software from not being able to use systems correctly.

The coronavirus pandemic has created a unique set of circumstances for broadband providers as well as staff working from home.

In late March, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) agreed to remove data caps on fixed broadband services, as well as provide a range of other services to keep people connected during the lockdown period.

There were calls before official lockdown began on the 23rd of March for broadband services to be provided to customers for free due to the financial impact of the lockdown and to help older users to get internet connectivity, a suggestion that was resisted by ISPs.


Commenting on ways to fix connectivity issues, Managing Director of Zen Business, Martin O’Donnell, said: “As a business leader, you want to ensure your employees have all the capabilities to do their job as effectively as possible, whether they come back to the office full time or not.

“Linking employees directly to your corporate network while also providing those in poor coverage areas with multi-connectivity solutions to bolster their internet means you can open up the benefits of office-based connectivity in their homes.

“This will go a long way to solving productivity issues they may be encountering caused by poor or unreliable connectivity.”

David Paul

Staff Writer, DIGIT

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