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Haeburn-Little to Step Down as CEO at SBRC

Duncan MacRae


Mandy Haeburn-Little

Haeburn-Little’s “truly transformational leadership” is said to have exceeded what she promised when she joined SBRC.

Mandy Haeburn-Little has revealed her intention to resign as CEO of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) in August this year.

Haeburn-Little had taken on the role in 2011 after a career largely spent in the private sector. Since then, the non-profit organisation, which exists to support and help protect Scottish businesses, has undergone a complete transformation, establishing itself as a hub of innovation and business improvement.

Haeburn-Little said: “There are a number of other opportunities arising for me to work in the developing cyber field, which along with other potential prospects, I believe to be the right thing to do.

“I’m also a great believer in knowing when is the right time to stand aside and to see new talent and prospects come through.”

She intends to remain heavily involved in the business resilience field, including the establishment of a new international consultancy, further developing and delivering some of the models that the SBRC has created, including its work with policing.

“There will also still be an ongoing synergy with SBRC through my own consultancy,” she added.

“There is no change to the structure that the SBRC Board set in place more than a year ago, in that we have two internal divisions, one encompassing all our public good activity under the Policy Board and other being our Cyber activity and this includes our work on the Cyber Expert group and Trusted Partners as well as our own ethical hacking students division, Curious Frank.”

The SBRC Board has agreed that these two positions become senior joint positions with immediate effect.

Haeburn-Little said: “These positions are Lynsae Tulloch, Policy Board and we are also delighted to announce Eamonn Keane in the new full time head of cyber and innovation role, following his resignation from Police Scotland.”

The organisation confirmed that there will be further management news to come in support of these two roles and the Board, with the Board currently reviewing options for this.

Paddy Tomkins, Chair of the SBRC, said that Haeburn-Little had “exceeded what she promised when she joined SBRC: truly transformational leadership which has built a fantastic team and made Scotland one of the world leaders in developing active partnerships between public authorities and businesses of all sizes”.

He added: “The models Mandy has developed are now being emulated across the UK, ensuring that more and more communities reap the rewards of being safer places in which to invest, do business and create high-value jobs.

“We are tremendously grateful to Mandy, and sad to see her leave SBRC, but we are also excited by her ambitious plans for the future, plans in which SBRC will play a prominent role and from which we and the business sector in Scotland will benefit.”

Haeburn-Little said: “I’m indebted to, and very touched by, the many people who have helped me and SBRC to develop to the scale it is now during this period of my tenure and who have given so freely of their time and advice.

“Rest assured that the SBRC, our Board and its delivery will continue with the same focus and commitment to looking after members, the business community and to creating that secure Scotland for business to flourish in.”

Duncan MacRae


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