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‘Hackers on Tour’ Event Series to Highlight Cyber Awareness

Ross Kelly


Hackers on Tour

The ‘Hackers on Tour’ event series aims to raise awareness of cybersecurity issues and generate discussion on how to stay safe online. 

An Aberdeen-based technology firm has teamed up with a reformed international hacker to embark on a national tour to promote cybersecurity awareness.

Mike Jones, also known as ‘sting3r’, and The TechForce have announced a series of dates across the UK following the success of the firm’s inaugural event at Robert Gordon University in November.

More than 500 business figures, academics and students are expected to attend the events, which will be held at the University of Westminster, Edinburgh Napier University, the University of Manchester and Glasgow Caledonian University.

‘Hackers on Tour’ will provide insider tips on how people and businesses can protect themselves against increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks by developing a greater understanding of cybersecurity and the cyber landscape.

Hackers on TourJai Aenugu, managing director at The TechForce, said: “We’re thrilled at the response we’ve already receive from up and down the country for this planned series of events, particularly from those working in the cyber-security community and education sector who have agreed to partner with us.

“It promises to be a fantastic learning opportunity for everyone in attendance with a first-class lineup of speakers who will all bring something different to the table in terms of their own real-world experience and practical solutions.”

Keynote speaker Jones is a self-confessed former member of the infamous hacking group, Anonymous. Other speakers for ‘Hackers on Tour’ include representatives from the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) and the National Cyber Crime Unit.

As a former US Military intelligence expert and Iraq War veteran, Jones has utilised his experience to perform numerous security tests for the US Department of Defense, financial institutions and a number of large organisations from his base in Houston.

Jones commented: “In this day and age of data loss, cyber-warfare, identity theft and ‘hacktivism’, it is more vital than ever before to know your adversary.

“Coming from those worlds gives me a unique insight into a part of the internet that is often not particularly well understood to help users prevent the pain of being a target.”

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