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Scottish Firm Publishes Hemingway and Fitzgerald Apps and Guides

Dominique Adams


Global Trails Hemingway Fitzgerald

Leith based start-up to bring the literary works of Hemingway and Fitzgerald to the next generation with a new series of digital guides and apps. 

Global Trails has just released its new immersive apps and guides that will allow readers to explore the lives of iconic authors Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald, considered two of the most influential American writers of the twentieth century.

The firm was granted exclusive rights from the literary estates to create this new series and worked closely with the authors decedents to ensure it was as realistic and accurate as possible. Aimed at fans of their work, the series of guides will allow readers to explore the cities and locales frequented by the legendary pair, discovering the locations and key moments that shaped their writing.

A Collaborative Effort

Frances O’Neill, Global Trails founder, told DIGIT: “We wanted the families of these great writers to reclaim their family stories and so we have actively engaged them in the creative process.”

“Eleanor Lanahan, an illustrator and writer who is also the granddaughter of F. Scott Fitzgerald, helped design the apps and guidebook and has contributed to the content, while Cristen Hemingway Jaynes, a writer and journalist, has written the Hemingway guides for London, Paris, Key West, and Cuba.”

“This is a wonderful tie-in with the families of two writers rightly admired all over the world for their enormous talent. We’re delighted they have given us this show of confidence in the quality of our publishing.”

Lanahan said she took inspiration from the text and film adaptions of The Great Gatsby. Saying of Robert Redford’s aesthetic: “My favourite combination is the dark grey, pink and black. I think pink is iconic for F. Scott, just because of Gatsby’s suit, but let’s not forget the green light at the end of the dock & the yellow cocktail music.”

Scholarly and Literary Input

In addition, invaluable creative input came from a variety of high-calibre sources such as author and biographer John Hemingway and Anne Margaret Daniel a preeminent scholar of F. Scott Fitzgerald and recipient of the 2017 Fitzgerald Prize for Literature.

Award-winning journalist Jay McInerney, author Lesley MM Blume, and Chief Foreign Correspondent for the Sunday Times Christina Lamb also contributed to the creation and design of the series.

David Stickles, Fashion Licensing of America’s Head of Global Rights Negotiations at the Hemingway Estate, said: “We are impressed by the quality of the apps and guides and the sheer professionalism of Global Trails, and the way they’ve mixed innovation, creativity, and their attention to detail. We’re delighted they can take Hemingway’s work to a new generation of readers across the globe.”

Ashraf Mabrouk, Scottish Development International for Scottish Enterprise praised the launch, saying: “This is a great coup for a small Scottish company, and has fantastic potential for growth. It shows the versatility and dynamism of the Scottish digital publishing sector.”

The Apps can be found using the following links:

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