Glasgow’s Vodafone Staff Told to Relocate or be Made Redundant

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About 350 customer service and technology staff have been informed they must relocate from Glasgow if they wish to continue their employment with Vodafone.

Vodafone has given more than half of it’s workers in Glasgow the choice of moving to offices in England or being made redundant.

The telecoms firm has decided to concentrate its workforce in Manchester, Newbury and Stoke-on-Trent. On Tuesday, roughly 350 customer service and technology staff were told they will need to relocate from Glasgow to one of these offices if they wish to continue their employment with Vodafone.

Reorganising UK operations

The rejig, apparently a response to increased competition from rival telecoms companies, is part of what the firm describes as its long-term efforts to reorganise its UK operations. Overall, the company says that its workforce will continue to increase in numbers, though.

A Voadafone spokesperson said: “This is a major step to us becoming the UK’s leading digital technology and communications company, and reinforces our commitment to the UK.

“We recognise some employees will need to commute further and we are speaking to them individually about their specific circumstances to provide support and help them stay with us.”

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One disgruntled member of staff told the BBC: “We were told staff were being let go in three phases, with two months notice in April, May and June.

“We were offered a redundancy package and if we wanted to relocate to Manchester, Stoke or Newbury there were some other options.

“We were then frogmarched back to the floor and told we still had our customers to serve.”

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