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Glasgow Startup Vows to “Transform” Job Searching

David Paul


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Skillzminer lets unemployed workers find relevant jobs and search suitable career paths in four minutes.

A Glasgow-based tech startup has released a new job matching platform which it said could “transform” the way people find new jobs or switch career paths.

Skillzminer has access to 750,000 live UK jobs and 50 million global positions, helping job hunters to find and utilise potential transferable skills.

The platform tasks users with a series of questions to find jobs they are suited to base on their skills and interests.

Skillzminer also looks to aid employer productivity, which will ultimately reduce UK unemployment and boost the economy – with local authorities, employability providers and training companies currently signed up.

The platform has proven to be an effective tool, matching candidates with 12 times more jobs than they would through a traditional job search.

Kirsty Mitchell, Managing Director at Skillzminer, said: “The UK is at a critical stage where the labour market is shifting considerably, demonstrated by what’s happening with hauliers where demand exceeds supply whilst simultaneously there’s a current oversupply within travel and tourism operators. And looking ahead, we know there will be a huge shortfall in the number of care workers.

“Too many people are still being placed in work based on their past experiences, rather than the actual skills they have.

“We have an opportunity to change the face of recruitment to help employers be more productive, help the economy to rebound after the coronavirus pandemic and to support hundreds of thousands of people into real, sustainable jobs.”

The Skillzminer platform has been developed by a team of experts from the world of teaching, employability, and technology.


Mitchell continues: “We’ve been building Skillzminer for the last 18 months, listening to our customers and jobseekers, making improvements every step of the way. Our team have developed something truly remarkable – something that will change the way people find jobs.

“We have had great feedback from the people who’ve used Skillzminer so far and now is the time for the rest of the world to see it.

“Everyone benefits from Skillzminer – jobseekers, employers, local authorities, educators and the government. Together, we’re rebuilding the economy, job by job, and eliminating the skills gaps in a volatile labour market.”

The firm has partnered with education providers to suggest training pathways and the platform itself is home to 15,000 UK college qualifications and 50,000 educational resources. Additionally, Skillzminer will work with thousands of online courses to help “bridge the skills gap” and “help people on their journey” towards different careers.

As the country emerges from the pandemic, having options to easily search jobs has fast become a lifeline for job seekers across the country.

Data from JobAdder’s Global Talent Acquisition Report found that applications per job have tumbled by 69.9% year on year resulting in widespread talent shortages.

Firms like Gigged.AI are also looking to build a job searching platform to try and weather UK-wide tech unemployment post-pandemic.

The platform aims to help businesses to source digital talent from across the UK.  The launch of the platform comes as the remote working trend, which started in reaction to the pandemic, is likely to continue.

David Paul

Staff Writer, DIGIT

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