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Glasgow Cafe Becomes First in Scotland to Introduce ‘Selfieccino’ Tech

Dominique Adams


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The 3D printing technology allows customers to get a highly accurate likeness of themselves printed onto the froth of their coffee. 

A Shawlands-based cafe, Pink Inc Cafe, has introduced a 3D coffee printer that allows customers to have their photos printed onto their coffee, in what has been dubbed a ‘selfieccino’ or ‘latte art’.

The technology can print a face, logo or artworks directly onto the customer’s drink. The cafe claims it is the first establishment in Scotland to be able to print complicated designs on lattes and cappuccinos.

Using their smartphones customers can scan a QR code, allowing them to upload a photo to a website. The image is then printed off using edible ink directly onto the drink’s foam.

This method is also known online as foam art and is very popular on image sharing platform Instagram. Pink Inc Cafe owner, Louise Tierney, said she first became intrigued by latte art after seeing it on Instagram and is confident that the printer will attract plenty of customers.

“I’ve seen it used in a couple of cafes down in London. I like to have something that’s a wee bit different – it’s a bit of fun! Great for your Instagram or business,” she said. One of her customers plans to propose to his partner with a printed message on their drink.


Traditionally, latte art is very carefully created by hand. However, due to the length of time its takes to create these images, the coffee tends to turn cold. The printer can create an image in only ten seconds and with what is described as a high degree of accuracy.

The Tea Terrace in London was the first location in Europe to deliver this service. One of the motivators behind its introduction was the increasing importance of producing consumables that have social media appeal for customers.

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