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Glasgow Bidding to Become UK’s Smartest City

Dominique Adams



Glasgow’s local authority to apply for £100 million fund from UK Government to pioneer 5G mobile network.

As part of its 5G Testbed and Trials Programme, the UK’s Department for Digital, Cultural, Media and Sport is offering investment to a city to trial 5G connectivity. If selected Glasgow will install 5G infrastructure throughout the city, providing it with ultra-reliable networks with low latency. Using this next generation infrastructure, the city hopes to boost its economy, health, entertainment, education and employment sectors.

The programme forms part of the Government’s Digital and 5G Strategies, both of which aim to place the UK at the forefront of the global adoption of 5G and open up the UK’s innovation ecosystem to a wide range of domestic and international companies and researchers. Not due until 2020, Glasgow’s early adoption of 5G would give it a significant advantage over other cities  across the UK and globally.

Councillor Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council, said:

“Glasgow has ambitions to be a world-class city in which everyone flourishes and, if successful, this funding bid could help put us ahead of the curve in digital connectivity. We believe Glasgow is ideally placed to push the boundaries of 5G application by devising pioneering ways of using this powerful new technology to improve life in the city. ”

“Glasgow has a growing economy with a thriving tech sector, a highly skilled workforce, two Innovation Districts and world-class sporting, conference and entertainment venues. We have also proved our ability to deliver large scale, leading-edge technology projects with the £24 million Future City Glasgow programme.”

Scottish Cybersecurity Forum, 25/04/2018, Murrayfield Edinburgh

“However, the city also faces challenges in areas such as health, poverty and unemployment. Investing in digital connectivity has huge potential to help us tackle these issues in new and creative ways – ensuring all sectors of the city benefit from this digital revolution.”

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