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DIGIT’S 20 Best GDPR Memes

Dominique Adams


DIGIT's Top 20 GDPR Memes

Happy GDPR day, readers! To celebrate GDPR coming into force, the DIGIT team have, for your pleasure, curated the very best of the Internet’s GDPR memes.

Do you feel compliant, baby? DO YOU?


As anyone who works with data can understand the run up to GDPR caused a considerable amount of tension and stress. And, like most people under pressure it was easier to procrastinate, however as the deadline loomed into sight many started to feel that familiar prickle of panic, which is why hopefully we can all now look back on this meme and chuckle.

“One does not simply, Oh, sorry. Wrong meme…”


Sean Bean GDPR Meme


“We’re good looking rebels who play by our own rules! Of course we’ll be ready”


There is always that one company that’s a little over-confident in their approach to GDPR, and as they say “Pride cometh before the fall,” let’s just hope they managed to make the deadline and don’t fall foul of the Information Commissioners Office.  However, there was likely to be quite a few people feeling the meme below as the final countdown began.

Kanye prove yer compliant? Well? KENYE?


Mind you this looks like most Friday afternoons at DIGIT HQ.

Please opt in to continue to enjoy Derek’s new ‘Blue Steel’


Over the past three weeks you inbox will have experienced a massive influx of pleading emails begging you to agree to them using your data. While extremely annoying it was a great opportunity to rid yourself of dozen of newsletters you forgot you signed up to, offers for products you don’t want and of course general spam mail. Of course from the companies perspective it removed a massive chunk of their subscribers, who possibly were just looking for an excuse to break the electronic relationship off.

The ONLY Samuel L Jackson meme without swear words EVER

Too damn high meme GDPR

First and foremost this is not Samuel L Jackson in character, the amount of people who get this wrong is too damn high! In fact, this meme came from a political slogan adopted by Jimmy McMillan, a New York City resident and founder of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party who ran for New York’s state gubernatorial election in November 2010. Again this meme refers to the  ludicrous number of emails everyone received in final run up to GDPR.

Even the characters from Twilight are getting on the GDPR bandwagon…



Yes, we know it’s the count from Sesame Street really. YOU try coming up with 20 pithy captions for GDPR memes. We dare you.

After the GDPR wars, all memes become Disney memes, John Spartan!


Fifteen extra bonus points for spotting the movie reference and a free sparkly GDPR sticker once you reach compliance.


We Can All Relate to This One!


According to some GPs (or DRs if you will), preparing for GDPR has been an acute localised smarting in the lower lumbar area, resulting in a general numbness around the posterior. Hey we just noticed that GP and DR is an anagram of GDPR. How profound…


Locutus of Borg says: Is your cube backed up? Do you have procedures in place for a data breach? Make sure YOUR Enterprise is resilient!

Captain Piccard GDPR meme

We’re not going to lie, we really enjoyed writing that one. You see, it uses a dual meaning of the word ‘Enterprise’ in the sense of a business and of course, the famous starship out of Battlestar Galactica.

It’s actually very simple, IF ONLY you’d PAY ATTENTION!

It puts the consumer at the heart of everything, Dennis. Why is that so hard for you to grasp?

Looks like we picked the wrong week to quit asking for permission

As tempting as it is, please do NOT unplug the whole business and ‘just damn well go back to ring binders’. This is not the 1970s.

The Information Commissioner’s Office: A great bunch of lads!

Plenty businesses felt confused and frankly scared of GDPR regulations and Father Ted has really hit the nail on the head here. It was this mixture of confusion, fear and lack of knowledge that led to the rise of the GDPR Snake Oil Salesmen. Which leads us nicely onto the next set of memes!

We’ve instituted a humane ‘cull’ at DIGIT HQ

Oh, you’ve read DIGIT’s ULTIMATE GDPR GUIDE? Apologies, you DO know what you’re talking about.

“This is the only business in the world which uses a waterfall to achieve GDPR compliance”

Wonka GDPR meme

I could give you €20 million, Ms Denham. OR I could give you one of these SHINY golden tickets! Choose wisely!

You should ALWAYS listen to the media. For they are wise and know ALL about GDPR <cough cough>

Ron Burgandy GDPR

The professional media would never stoop to creating stupid lists of GDPR-related content in order to pump out just one more article on GDPR before we all have to move on and write about broadband or data centres again.

Pay no attention to the provocative allure of the GDPR experts. They’re only after you’re money

They are.

Of course is GDPR came in a caffeinated form, we’d all be compliant (and jittery) already

We disagreed about this one. Dominique thought it was awesome. Brian didn’t get it. Then we realised it was an excellent opportunity to ‘break the fourth wall’ with readers, like they did in Deadpool. So we left it in.

Don’t listen to this man, he left his virtual reality rig totally open to cyber attack. The Muppet.

Remember the bit where Cypher (Joe Pantoliano) kills Dozer, Apoc and Switch, then threatens to kill Neo? Poor security practice. It’s like sharing passwords or login details. If the Nebuchadnezzar had been GDPR compliant, they’d all have been fine, as Cypher would have needed an individual access code to operate the lightning gun. Honestly it’s so basic. No wonder the machines took over.

The last word, to Yoda, we will leave. Compliant you must be. Protected your data. When 900 years old you reach, you may understand the true power of GDPR.


Happy GDPR Day, readers! We’re all going for ice cream.


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