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FanDuel Founders Raise $4m for New eSport Venture, Flick

Dominique Adams


Flick eSports founders: Nigel Eccles and Rob Jones

Two former FanDuel bosses and co-founders have just successfully closed a $4 million fundraising for their latest eSports venture.

Nigel Eccles, former FanDuel Chief Executive and Rob Jones ex-Design Head have raised four million dollars in funding for their latest venture, Flick. The new business was launch at the beginning of 2018 shortly after the duo’s departure from FanDuel. It is expected the new firm will bring its first product to market in the coming weeks.

Flick will be headquartered in the US, where Eccles is now based and has been incorporated in Delaware, considered to be one of the most business-friendly states in the US. This latest venture has received financial backing exclusively from US institutional investors.

Jones, who has taken on the role of Chief Product Officer, is based in Scotland where he has spent the past seven months creating the engineering team that is currently working on the firm’s product. Previously, Eccles has stated that he wanted to build the firm’s team in Scotland due to the country’s large pool of exceptional software engineers and deep talent in games development.

Flick Details Still Underwraps

For now, the details of Flick’s product are a highly guarded secret, however, it is known that the company is building an app based around competitive video games. According to the firm’s website, it is “the first private screen share app that allows you to share your mobile screen live with your friends.”

The global eSports market is forecast to break $1.5 billion by 2020 and with over two billion gamers and nearly 700m people who regularly watch gaming video content, Eccles and Jones are confident now is the right time to launch their new app.

When Flick does enter the market, it will face stiff competition from established competitors such as Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Periscope, Mixer and Facebook. Twitch is the dominant channel, as of January 2018, the platform had nearly one million people watching at any given point – putting its viewership on a par with CNN, Fox News and ESPN. If Flick hopes to take a slice of the eSport live streaming pie it will need to offer streamers and viewers a unique draw to entice them to switch to their platform.

Since their exit, all five FanDuel founders have branched off to launch new ventures, from IT consultancy firms to online management training business. Along with Jones and Eccles, the co-founders of FanDuel include Lesley Eccles, Tom Griffiths, and Chris Stafford.


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