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5 of the Coolest Gadgets on Show at CES 2020

Dominique Adams


CES 2020

From sit-down Segways to AI-powered kitty litter boxes, DIGIT has picked out the coolest new gadgets from CES 2020. 

Segway S-Pod

CES 2020The multi-million dollar “transporting pod” is described by the company as a “safe, self-balancing vehicle that is operated by an intuitive assistive navigation panel”. Its intended purpose is to ferry people around enclosed areas such as airports, theme parks and shopping centres.

The futuristic-looking S-Pod can reach speeds of up to 24 mph, and unlike previous Segway vehicles do not require the passenger to lean forward or back to accelerate or decelerate. Instead, it relies on “an adaptive centre-of-gravity automatic control system” that uses a knob to change speed and direction.

“The seating of the S-Pod offers wide-angle views that provides an expansive viewing field for passengers,” states Segway press materials. The S-Pod is also the first step in Segway working towards their goal of bringing new transportation options to cities.” However, despite touting the safety of the vehicle, the demo S-Pod suffered a crash while being ridden by a journalist at CES 2020.

AI-Powered Cat Litter Box

CES 2020 cat litter boxLulu Pet‘s smart AI-powered cat litter box is equipped with a built-in stool and urine image recognition tech that will analyse your pet’s poop. The company says it is the world’s first litter box able to recognise excretory behavioural algorithms.

The box will then send the data to an app that allows the owner to have a look at it. The company says the box is able to identify and differentiate stool and urine from different cats, making it a suitable product for people with more than one cat.

The box is even able to notify the owner if their kitty needs to shed a few pounds or if there are any abnormal activities. This means that the cat can receive early medical intervention.

The box was recognised as a CES 2020 Innovations Awards Honoree.

Virtual Car Visor 

Made by German manufacturer Bosch, the virtual visor works by tracking the driver’s eyes using facial recognition technology. When it detects sun in the driver’s eyes it blocks it without obscuring the rest of the road.

When it detects sun it casts a show over the small area of the driver’s face exposed to sun glare stopping it from interfering with their view.

Sun visors are one of the most overlooked features of a car’s interior, according to Bosch. AA research shows that one in 50% of car accidents in the UK is caused by sun glare.

If the product proves viable it could totally eliminate the need for traditional sun visors in cars. However, at present, the virtual visor is just a concept and years away from going into production.

Self Navigating Luggage 

CES 2020The self-navigating autonomous piece of luggage Ovis is a smart suitcase that is able to follow you through the airport. Made by ForwardX Robotics, Ovis is fitted with multiple on-board cameras, which enables it to avoid obstacles.

The water resistance case can reach top speeds of up to 6mph and can travel 12 miles on a single charge. It is also able to charge two devices simultaneously and cleared for use in airports around the world with certification from the International Air Transport Association, according to the company.

It is embedded with GPS tracking which means an owner is able to track down their case if it is misplaced or stolen. The company is planning to bring the luggage to market later this year.


CES 2020RollBot is a self-balancing autonomous robot that can be summoned via bluetooth to bring you toilet paper. Commissioned by Charmin, a brand known for its often humorous marketing campaigns, the concept bot will help its user out if they find themselves stranded on the loo with no toilet paper.

“This builds on our mission to always bring better bathroom experiences to unexpected places and showcases our relentless obsession with helping people ‘Enjoy the Go,'” a Charmin spokesperson, told CNN Business.

The teddybear faced bot seems to have done the trick and has gained much attention from the press and on social media. Sadly, the robot will not be hitting the market anytime soon as it appears to be part of a brand awareness campaign.

The company also debuted an odour detector called “SmellSense” that lets people know whether or not it is safe to enter the bathroom or if it is too malodorous. However, it felt right to have RollBot included on this list due to its amusing nature.

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