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FinTech Scotland to Partner with FinTech North

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FinTech Scotland has announced that it will collaborate closely with Fintech North to support innovation and growth within the sector. 

FinTech Scotland and Fintech North, one of England’s leading fintech organisations, are planning to collaborate this year on a number of initiatives.

As part of this partnership, FinTech Scotland’s chief executive Stephen Ingledew will deliver presentations at FinTech North’s conferences in Manchester and Leeds.

In Autumn of this year, the two organisations will come together to jointly host a conference in Scotland. Julian Wells, Director of FinTech North, said: “It’s a pleasure to welcome Stephen and FinTech Scotland to our first two major conferences of 2019.

“We have enjoyed a mutually supportive relationship since the creation of FinTech Scotland in 2018 and the progress made by Stephen and the team in that time is highly impressive.

“We look forward to developing even stronger links with FinTech Scotland over the coming months and are excited to run our first event north of the border later this year.”

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“FinTech Scotland is delighted to be working with the FinTech North team, with whom we share a common passion for the development of strong and vibrant FinTech communities and economy across the country,” said Ingledew.

“In Scotland, over the last year we have made significant progress in bringing together the innovative Scottish fintech community across multiple cities, organisations and universities and I look forward to sharing our journey with the FinTech North community.”

This announcement signals a strengthening of the connection between the two organisations, which are already aligned, both being chaired by HM Treasury FinTech Envoys.

Chris Sier is FinTech Envoy for the Northern Powerhouse and chairs FinTech North, while David Ferguson is Scotland’s FinTech Envoy and chair of FinTech Scotland.

Scotland’s fintech sector is booming, according to FinTech Scotland, which announced earlier this year that Scottish-based fintech SMEs have grown three-fold in the past year.

FinTech Scotland asserted that much of the growth can be attributed to the number of early-stage Scottish tech firms expanding their proposition into financial services.

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