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FinTech Scotland Events: Collaboration, Innovation, Inclusion

Mickael Paris


FinTech Scotland Events

FinTech Scotland has created a series of free symposiums across the whole of March which focus on the organisation’s core values of collaboration, communication and inclusion. They’d like to see you there.

After two very busy and exciting months setting up the FinTech Scotland organisation and meeting with members of the whole ecosystem, we thought it was time to play our part in enabling collaboration and knowledge sharing.

FinTech Scotland has created three new events, or symposiums (which literally means ‘meeting of minds’, exactly what we’re aiming for).

The symposiums are informal events hosted by companies within the financial technology ecosystem and centred around the three core values of FinTech Scotland: Collaboration, Innovation and Inclusion.


Our first symposium, Empowering Collaboration Through Access to Regulatory and Market Knowledge on March 14th will focus on the collaboration between the regulator, fintechs and representative bodies such as TISA.

Without collaboration there’s no eco-system. In an industry that has often be criticised, rightly or wrongly, for not being opened and collaborative enough, we want to showcase the benefits that can be obtained by bringing together the ideas and creativity of entrepreneurs and innovators, the resources and experience of the established financial sector, the economic and social objectives of the public sector, the innovation environment of accelerators and incubators, the capital of investors, the capabilities of tech and service firms, the people development and research by universities and skills agencies.

We’ll hear from David Ferguson, CEO at Nucleus Financial, one of the country’s most successful fintechs, as well as David Dalton-Brown, Director at TISA, discussing how they work together. We’ll also hear from Michael Roe, development director at Origo Services, a fintech set up by the industry to answer new regulatory challenges.


Innovation is synonymous with fintech. It is something that should be core to every financial organisation, regardless of their size. Our Fintech Innovation: Driving Growth and Career Opportunities symposium takes place on March 15th.

Jordan Stodart, co-founder of Orca will tell us how, as a fairly young business they’ve had to constantly reinvent themselves to be successful and find their market.

Anneli Ritari-Stewart, the Managing Director of iProspect and Ron Robson, CEO of Ultimate Finance, will explore the company’s transformation and record breaking year


For FinTech Scotland, inclusion means a number of different things. It means being ‘transversal’ across all industries, as fintech innovation will impact everyone, customers and companies alike. Inclusion also means being global and working with with other fintech hubs around the world, rather than competing with them.

Inclusion also means gender diversity. Our third event on March 27th, Fintech Inclusion: Opportunities for Women explores this topic in-depth.

Gender diversity can be a challenge in any industry, but has always been an issue in both the financial and the technology sectors. We need to ensure that as those two sectors converge, old habits give way to a fairer system that enables talent to thrive, regardless of gender.

Diversity is an important topic, with many events recently that focused on it. At our event FinTech Scotland wants to focus on successes. We will be showcasing real-life examples which will carry a strong and positive message about working in the FinTech sector.

At Fintech Inclusion: Opportunities for Women two female entrepreneurs will share their experience of working in the rapidly evolving worlds of finance and technology.

Loral Quinn, the co-founder and CEO of Sustainably a FinTech focused on social good and Jude Cook founder and director of ShareIn will talk about their experiences as fintech founders.

Jackie Waring, CEO at Investing Women will speak about he role of women in the investment community, while Yvonne Dunn, Partner at Pinsent Masons, will discuss how the financial sector is changing with regard to diversity and inclusion.

All of the events are free to attend and open to participants across the business, technology and financial sectors.

We look forward to seeing you at one, some or all of the above.

Mickael Paris, Marketing Director, FinTech Scotland

Mickael Paris

Marketing Director, FinTech Scotland

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