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FanDuel to Host Bug Bounty in Edinburgh

Dominique Adams


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Edinburgh is to host a one-day penetration testing event with Scottish tech unicorn FanDuel.

Delivered by Napier University, The Cyber Academy and ENUSEC the FanDuel Bug Bounty is a one-day penetration testing event that is free and open-to-all. Hosted in Edinburgh, it will provide an opportunity for anyone interested in cybersecurity to test their hacking skills against a billion-dollar startup – without the risk of jail time!

An opportunity to learn new skills

With a range of security personnel and FanDuel staff in attendance, this will be a unique opportunity to gain insight and tips from industry experts on finding bugs and learning about security.

The event will begin with an introduction to ethics, responsible security disclosure and registration which allows each participant to gain a ‘get out of jail card’ allowing them to practice scanning and testing FanDuel’s website.

To increase the chance of discovering bugs, white-listing of the participants and their connection will be required. Potential bugs found will be rewarded via an internal bug bounty programme using bug crowd.

A range of valuable prizes will be on offer. There will also be free pizza and beer for attendees.

Secarma, a Scottish team of cybersecurity experts, will also present a real case bug bounty report. Using a template and top industry knowledge Secarma staff will demonstrate how to report bug findings in a professional way, instructing attendees how to correctly assess and report a security vulnerability.

Sign up

The FanDuel Bug Bounty will be held on Saturday, 17 February 2018, from 09:00 to 20:00 (GMT) in Edinburgh at the Merchiston Campus. For more details and tickets details visit Eventbrite.

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