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Facebook Launches Market Research App Viewpoints

Dominique Adams


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The app will pay users to take surveys that are intended to improve the company’s products. 

Facebook is launching a market research app, Viewpoints, that rewards users for participating in surveys and completing tasks.

The company has said it will use the data to improve its products across its various platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Portal and Oculus.

The Viewpoints app is available to those residing in the US who are over the age of 18. Those who register to use the app will be invited to join programs where they can earn points. However, every program will have its own eligibility criteria.

Users will have to accumulate a certain number of points before they are entitled to receive a payment, which will be sent directly to their PayPal account.

Facebook said the first survey on the Viewpoints app will be focused on well-being. The 15-minute survey lets users earn 1000 points, worth $5 (£3.90) in real money.

“Information from this survey will help us build better products that aim to limit the negative impacts of social media and enhance the benefits,” a post on the company’s blog said.

Facebook pledges that it will only use the data collected internally and will not sell it on to third parties or share it publicly on its platform or any linked accounts without the users’ permission. Users can end their participation in the program at time, the company adds.

The company said it is looking forward to providing additional ways for people to register, and plans to expand the app to more countries next year.


With this research app Facebook is being upfront with its privacy policy and assures users that “before you begin any program, we’ll let you know how the information you provide through that program will be used”.

Previously the company has come under fire for its dodgy market research apps, which were subsequently shutdown.

Its paid market surveillance program, Research, and its free VPN that collected users’ data drew much criticism following a TechCrunch investigation. The investigation found the company was paying teenagers for their data while breaking Apple’s rules about distributing employee-only apps outside of a company. Apple withdrew the company’s enterprise privileges for violating the rules.

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