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Comment: “EIE participants are investor ready – what do investors get in return?”

Andrew Holloway


EE 5G Edinburgh

Andrew Holloway, Director and Head of Entrepreneurial Taxes at Johnston Carmichael, looks at the upcoming EIE event in Edinburgh this month.

Scotland’s dynamic, world-class technology sector will be under the spotlight next week as the country’s premier technology showcase, EIE (Enge Invest Exploit) takes place in Edinburgh.

For high-growth tech businesses, the annual event is a fantastic platform to pitch for investment. To date, it has been a springboard for more than 350 firms who’ve raised over £650 million.

It is also a chance for global investors to experience the country’s vibrant tech scene first hand and, importantly, find businesses that they genuinely want to support.

Accessing funding is one of the biggest challenges for tech entrepreneurs. often, a great deal of investment is required for R&D before tech businesses can take their products or services to market. We have built up a team of specialist advisors at Johnston Carmichael, drawn from departments ranging from innovation taxes to corporate finance, who are experienced at helping fast-growth businesses to maximise vital text reliefs and access the capital they need.

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Across Scotland, we are working with more than 400 up-and-coming technology SMEs, including some of the sector’s biggest success stories such as Edinburgh-based firm, Current (formerly known as Snap40). A former EIE, alumnus, we’ve worked with Current from startup to scale-up; helping it to complete one of Scotland’s largest seed funding rounds.

Another great example is Pick Protection, which has developed world-leading lone worker protection technology. When the company was fundraising, we helped to ensure it was Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) qualified; which was vital for securing early-stage investment.

The businesses we are most excited about at EIE 2019 are robotics firm, Casta Spes Technologies, presentation support software developers Estendio and microfluidics specialists, uFraction8.

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A key priority for many technology companies is incentivising and retaining staff. With a growing demand for digital skills across Scotland, we have worked with a number of businesses to introduce employee share schemes as a means of securing and protecting their talent pipeline.

The support we provide to the sector also includes working with investors who are keen to get involved in the diverse tech scene. Scotland has a strong track record in the tech sector and has a good chance of producing another unicorn business along the lines of FanDuel or Skyscanner.

We have a world-class tech ecosystem and Johnston Carmichael is proud to be the go-to firm for our tech innovators and incubators, helping them at all stages of their growth journey.

Andrew Holloway, Headf of Entrepreneurial Taxes, Johnston Carmichael

Andrew Holloway

Head of Entrepreneurial Taxes, Johnston Carmichael

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