Hello WRLD – eeGeo Rebrands, Relocates To LA

New York City as imagined in the WRLD platform

Dundee-based 3D mapping platform eeGeo has announced a rebranding as WRLD, along with plans to relocate their head offices to the US. Former chief marketing officer Faizaan Ghauri has taken over the role of chief executive officer, and will be conducting operations from Los Angeles.

In a blog post written on Thursday, Ghauri hailed the move as an exciting new chapter for the 3D mapping company that represented its goals for future development:

“We believe the name reflects the scope and breadth of our vision, which is to build an immersive 3D world to visualise and interact with everything on the planet.”

WRLD logoWhile the company’s development organisation will remain in Dundee, he said that moving to LA will allow WRLD to tap into the flourishing augmented reality and virtual reality communities in Southern California, and help to grow its presence across the world.

In an interview conducted for BizJournals, he said: “Los Angeles is quickly becoming a nucleus for creators [in] AR/VR, so we wanted to be close to them. Our development organisation will always reside in the UK, and we will continue growing the engineering organisation there. We intend to grow our commercial organisation (business development, marketing, etc.) in Los Angeles.”

WRLD Chairman Hassan Sadiq also told BizJournals that expansion into the US would allow for better access to talent and financing.

“WRLD’s expansion into the US enables us to work more closely with our business partners, recruit talent and secure financing as we focus our efforts on the smart cities, indoor 3D mapping and gaming sectors. From virtual reality experiences to city planning to facilities management, being able to accurately map the world in 3D, both indoors and outside, is the core foundation of delivering a beautiful and immersive experience.”

The company launched three new tools kits for developers to create immersive and realistic 3D mapping visualisations for indoor buildings, smart cities, and gaming.

  • WRLD Map Designer is optimised for developers and novices alike to create “simple, beautiful” 3D maps for indoor and outdoor environments. It allows every map to be configured and customised according to end-user data and application.
  • WRLD SDK for Unity allows users to build streaming, geo-spatially accurate 3D maps for location-based games, projects, or virtual or augmented reality applications.
  • WRLD Android SDK lets developers build 3D maps for Android devices.

A new WRLD App for mobile devices will also allow users to upload and share their creations with the community.

London Within the WRLD platformFounded in 2010, WRLD has so far raised $11.8M (£9.2M) in funding and employs 50 people. Previous applications of their 3D mapping technology include partnerships with CISCO, Samsung and the V&A Museum in Dundee. Ghauri hopes that the firm’s rebranding and relocation will result in greater opportunities for collaboration in the future.

“This is an exciting new chapter for our company and community at large, as we prepare to embark on monumental partnerships and further exciting product improvements in the coming weeks. Stay tuned…”

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