EdTech Job Vacancies Grow Four Times the Rate of UK’s Overall Job Market


Qualified website developers are the most highly sought after workers in EdTech.

Jobs in EdTech have increased at four times the rate of the UK’s job market as a whole, according to a study by job search platform Joblift.

The company’s research found that 3,808 EdTech job vacancies have been posted in the UK in the past two years. These vacancies increased by an average of 8% each month, and a huge 63% year on year. To highlight the strength and rapid development of the EdTech market, the traditional education sector, in comparison, saw an average monthly increase of 2% in the same time period, four times less than its tech-driven sister (and the UK’s overall job market), and over five times less yearly growth (12%).

Strong growth

Furthermore, comparing EdTech vacancies with the UK’s overall startup job market shows just how encouraging the growth in jobs has been. Startup vacancies in general have increased by around 4% each month in the last two years – half the rate of the EdTech job market.

Web developers are particularly in demand in the EdTech job market, being asked for in 15% of all vacancies over the past 24 months. Other popular professions include, business development managers (5% of vacancies), and sales managers (4%). A third of all EdTech vacancies require candidates to hold at least a Bachelor’s degree, with 13% of these accepting only potential employees who have a Master’s qualification.

London ranks as the capital of the EdTech scene, hosting 56% of all vacancies advertised in the past 24 months. The city’s bustling and generously funded startup hub has given rise to a number of EdTech companies, including Avado Learning – the organisation that ranks as the second most active employer in the sector, advertising 3% of all vacancies in the last two years.

Avado Learning is positioned behind top employer, Tutorful (4% of vacancies), the startup providing private tutors in cities across the UK. Far behind London, Bristol ranks as the second top location being home to 2% of EdTech job vacancies, and Leeds follows, also holding a 2% share of the job market.

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