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Edinburgh Napier Cybersecurity Course Backed by NCSC

Ross Kelly


Edinburgh Napier NCSC

The university’s BEng (Hons) in Cybersecurity and Forensics has become the first undergraduate course in the UK to be fully certified by the National Cyber Security Centre.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has officially endorsed Edinburgh Napier’s work to train the next generation of cybersecurity experts.

The BEng (Hons) in Cybersecurity and Forensics will become the UK’s first undergraduate course to receive full certification by the organisation.

This marks a significant step for the university’s Cyber Academy, which continues to develop a reputation as one of the UK’s finest cybersecurity institutions.

NCSC Certification

The Cybersecurity and Forensics course had to meet rigorous assessment criteria, the university said, which demanded “well-defined content” and high standards in order to gain the approval of experts drawn from industry, government and academia.

In gaining this certification, students can achieve high-quality qualifications, while employers can access a vibrant talent pool of skilled individuals. 

Additionally, NCSC-certification also boosts universities’ efforts to attract high-quality students from around the globe, which in turn helps to make the UK one of the most secure and resilient places on earth.

Chris Ensor, NCSC Deputy Director for Skills and Growth said certified courses are an “important aspect” of the organisation’s ongoing efforts to “provide the right environment to deliver the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.”

Professor Bill Buchanan, who leads the Cybersecurity subject group and research centre, said: “Our programmes have been designed with an industry focus, but also with a strong academic foundation. The certification thus showcases both the quality of our academic environment, along with the quality of our graduates.”

The BEng course will help to meet the growing demand for security engineers by adding specialist knowledge of digital forensics, data security and software development to undergraduates’ general computing skills and network knowledge.

Ecosystem Benefits

The newly-certified BEng degree will form a host of degrees across the country which have already been certified by the NCSC, including the university’s MSc in Advanced Security and Digital Forensics.

This broad range of high-quality courses helps to further develop the cybersecurity ecosystem in Scotland and the UK as a whole. Companies which have spun out of the Cyber Academy continue to make headlines, with Zonefox, in particular, receiving plaudits in 2018.

The cybersecurity firm, which specialises in cloud-based insider threat detection, was recently acquired by California-based cybersecurity giant, Fortinet.

Cyan Forensics, which also spun out of the Cyber Academy in 2016, has achieved more than £1.5 million in funding.

Ross Kelly

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