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Edinburgh Hosts Europe’s Biggest Digital Healthcare Hackathon

Dominique Adams


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This year’s event will focus on sports and mental health, social care, emergency medicine and cybersecurity in healthcare. 

More than 300 health professionals, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, designers and technologists are expected to attend Digital Health Product Forge Hackathon this February in Edinburgh.

The purpose of the hackathon is to drive innovation in the digital health sector by supporting the large health bodies solve key challenges and problems. Experts will spend 75 hours working to realise the future of digital healthcare.

Attendees will have the opportunity to work with expertise from across the digital and tech sector’s private sector. They will also have the chance to network and forge meaningful relationships through interactive team work.

The hackathon provides an interactive environment that enables collaboration, networking and learning.

It is open to everyone, from founders to those looking to develop a product within an organisation. Students seeking to solve problems are also welcomed to participate.

Attendees will join cross disciplinary teams, and are then tasked with identifying and solving a real challenge within their chosen subject track. Teams are coached by industry experts through each stage of the event.

Tracks this year include Sports and Mental Health, Social Care, Emergency Medicine and Cybersecurity in Healthcare.


The event will also hold an online summit where people can track talks, workshops and team presentations via livestream, with access to a library of edited presentations.

There will be networking and drinks at the conclusion of the event.

Digital Health Product Forge 2020 takes place 5pm Thursday 20th⁠ to⁠ 9pm Sunday 23rd February 2020 in Edinburgh.

Tickets can be bought online here: 

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